6 Former WWE Superstars who are godparents to fellow wrestlers' children 

Several former superstars have been named as godparents
Several former superstars have been named as godparents
Phillipa Marie

WWE Superstars portray friends and rivals on-screen, but there are also a number of wrestlers who have forged life-long bonds off-screen.

While it's relatively well-known that Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar are close friends outside of the ring and Shelton Benjamin has been one of the latter's best friends for several decades, there are many other lesser-known friendship groups.

These friendships have become an integral part of certain wrestlers' lives, even after they have left the company and welcomed new members to their families.

The following listicle looks at just six former WWE Superstars who have been named as the godparents to fellow wrestlers' children.

#6. Former WWE Women's Champion Michelle McCool is the godmother of Booker T's twins - Kendrick and Kennedy

Michelle McCool is set to make her return to WWE as part of the upcoming Women's Royal Rumble match, which shows how much of an impact she once had on the company.

McCool left the promotion in 2011 after losing a "Loser leaves WWE" match to her best friend Layla at Extreme Rules. Outside of the ring, it appears that McCool and her husband have several of their own close friends since they have been named the godparents to Booker T and Sharmell's twins Kennedy and Kendrick.

The twins were born in 2010, the year that McCool and The Undertaker (real name — Mark Calaway) married, and two years before the couple welcomed their own child, a daughter called Kaia Faith.

Booker T and The Undertaker have worked closely in the wrestling business for a number of years. At present, both men remain members of the company in non-wrestling roles.

It appears that Michelle has been brought into this friendship bubble through her relationship with The Deadman, and it's now reached the ultimate level of trust.

Godparents are the ones who are entrusted with others' children in the worst-case scenario, and it seems Booker T and Sharmell agree that Michelle and The Undertaker are the perfect choices in this situation.

#5. Former WWE Superstar Rhyno is the godfather of Vic Joseph's son

Here is an out take from the ECW photo shoot WWE did.Here is Rhyno as ECW's Rhino.

Rhyno has made a name for himself in WWE, ECW, and IMPACT Wrestling throughout his career, and it appears that he has made some life-long friends.

During a media session for IMPACT Wrestling in 2020, the former superstar opened up about being close friends with commentator Vic Joseph and noted that he is the godfather to his son.

.@WWEGraves @AfterTheBellWWE…
"I'm his [Vic Joseph] kid's godfather. This is probably seven years ago now. He was in baseball. [He did a] really good job in baseball. [He] went to school in announcing and all that stuff, but his passion was in wrestling, and I [saw] that the guy would literally sit in his car for nine hours, one way, to drive to independent shows. [He would] watch a show, pick my brain, and try to figure out the question he's asking me on his own. We put together a five-year plan, and he signed with WWE. When I first met the guy, I didn't like him. I thought he was a real a**hole," said Rhyno. (h/t: Wrestling Inc.)

As noted above, Rhyno didn't like Joseph at first. But it appears that they have been able to spend some time together, which is why the two eventually became close friends.

#4. Former WWE Superstar Braun Strowman is the godfather of Bray Wyatt's son Knash

Braun Strowman was once seen as one of WWE's biggest and most popular superstars, so his release from the company last year came as a huge shock.

For a large part of his career, Strowman was part of The Wyatt Family, under the guidance of Bray Wyatt, and the two men obviously became good friends. So much so that when Jojo Offerman and Wyatt welcomed their first child, Knash Sixx, they announced Braun Strowman as his godfather.

Brother I’m waiting!!!!!!

Wyatt and Offerman have since welcomed a daughter called Hyrie, and their perfect family now seems complete. Both Offerman and Wyatt were released from WWE last year, which has allowed them to turn their focus to their family.

Offerman's last appearance came at the Evolution event in 2018, ahead of her maternity leave. Still, the company didn't announce her release until her partner Bray Wyatt departed the company in July 2021.

Despite Strowman and Wyatt receiving their releases within months of each other in 2021, both men have remained friends and could be planning to move on to another promotion together in the future.

#3. Former WWE Superstar Ruby Soho is the godmother of Sarah Logan's son Cash

Sarah Logan showing up for Ruby Soho’s AEW debut and bringing a tiny friend to meet her = extremely wholesome.

Ruby Soho, known as Ruby Riott while working in WWE, was seen as the leader of The Riott Squad.

It had been well-known at the time that Ruby, Liv Morgan, and Sarah Logan were all close friends since the three women got matching tattoos of the day when they made their main roster debut.

Logan was released from the company in April 2020 and went on to announce that she was expecting her first child. The former superstar welcomed Raymond Cash Rowe in February 2021, just months before Riott was released from WWE.

Liv Morgan, Ruby Soho, and Sarah Logan all got matching tattoos to commemorate WWE debut ✍

Riott has since moved on to become Ruby Soho in AEW and recently revealed to The New York Post that she is the godmother to Sarah Logan's son.

“I am godmother to Sarah’s son, Cash, and she asked me to be as much as part of his life as possible. I love that little boy to death and she is one of my best friends. "

It's currently rumored that Sarah Logan could be heading to AEW to join her former Riott Squad teammate, as she has been open about returning to the wrestling business.

#2/1. Former WWE Superstars Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are the godparents to Nikki Bella's son Matteo

Brie & Bryan are officially Matteo's godparents ❤️ #TotalBellas

Nikki and Brie Bella once dominated WWE's Women's Division but have since left the company in order to start their own families.

Interestingly, the twins welcomed children within hours of each other in 2020 and have since been announced as surprise entrants in the 2022 Women's Royal Rumble match.

Nikki and Brie have been close all of their lives. So it comes as little surprise that Nikki decided Brie and Daniel Bryan should be the godparents to her son Matteo.

Brie and Daniel already have a son and daughter of their own. Over the past few years, the couple has shown that they are capable and dependable parents and a good option for Nikki to fall back on.

Bryan allowed his contract with Vince McMahon's promotion to expire back in 2021 and has since moved over to AEW, where he is now known as Bryan Danielson. If The Bella Twins remain part of the company following their Royal Rumble appearances, it will mark a significant period of Brie and Bryan simultaneously working for two different promotions.

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