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6 Greatest Double Turns in WWE

Battle Of The Billionaires Announce Details Of Wrestlemania 23
Battle Of The Billionaires Announce Details Of Wrestlemania 23
Modified 11 Oct 2018
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Did they or did they not, comes the question out of Monday Night RAW. WWE's inability to completely distinguish whether Bobby Lashley and Kevin Owens committed a double turn, comes at a point where the company is unsure where to take the injured Owens within the WWE.

In Lashley's case, it's clear as day that the Dominator now propped by hype man Lio Rush is definitely treading the heel zone. However, his sparring partner is a different case. With Kevin Owens headed to surgery, there is a lack of clarity of whether he turned face. WWE hasn't given us reason to believe so, except that once Owens does return he shall find himself showered in massive cheers.

A lazy but typical way for WWE to deal with the nuances of pro wrestling. Still, this finally positions Kevin Owens as a face, something the universe has waited to see since his debut. Not only that it adds an intriguing dimension to his story going forward, especially since this should have been what happened in the first place when Owens quit a month or so ago.

After all proper double turns when pulled off are simply amazing, we know one of them ended up changing the face of WWE. Here are such game-changing double turns in the history of the company, built by one.

Honourable Mentions

Tag Team Mimicry to Tag Team game changers
Tag Team Mimicry to Tag Team game changers

Chad Gable/Shelton Benjamin turn with The Usos: This one was a bit of confusion since Chad was still a beloved (somewhat) face when he joined up with Benjamin after Jason Jordan's defection to RAW. Meanwhile, The Usos came off an epic feud with New Day, reinstating the lost faith fans had in them as no-nonsense heels.

Yet realizing the temperament changing, WWE took the route to give these two teams a swift double turn and put over an act the fans really wanted to cheer. Sure it might have since hindered the Usos, but it's also made them the team they are that got to wrestle at Wrestlemania after a near decade in the company.

Demolition forces a face turn against Powers of Pain: Positioned as a destructive force, the tag team of Demolition took WWE by storm. Their partnership with Fuji might prompt them as heels, but the duo just kept bursting with popularity. This caught the eye of management, despite debuting the Powers of Pain as heroes primed to take down Demolition.

Instead in a Survivor Series clash, the two teams scuffled with Demolition turning on their manager and Powers of Pain picking the scraps to break down Demolition, now under the tutelage of Fuji.

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Published 11 Oct 2018, 12:05 IST
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