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6 Greatest Double Turns in WWE

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#6. Double Turn Across A Mania

From A Degenerate to The Game
From A Degenerate to The Game

The unmitigated betrayal is a staple of the Attitude Era, a part of it that may not function as smoothly as it did back then. Unexpected turns came at every corner during that time including Chyna's defection to the Corporation from DX. This felt like a disaster for Triple H, as he sought retribution by facing one of Corporation's great monsters; Kane.

This all came to a head at Wrestlemania 15 where Kane took on Triple H. On the way to secure victory, the monster got swerved by Chyna reuniting with her former lover and DX or so it seemed. This is until late into the night in a match between Shane McMahon and X-Pac where the reality came undone.

Chyna and Triple H would join the chaotic fray to supposedly help their friend only to turn on him and DX, for Triple H to finally join the Corporation where Chyna already stood. Meanwhile, the vindicated Kane sought to help X-Pac ward of these traitors on the same night.

A magic double turn full of plot holes and typically for the sake of it, a Vince Russo Classic. Yet the best thing as it set Triple H down the path to becoming The Game.

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