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6 Indicators of WWE's Popularity Analyzed

  • Reasons and Evidence gauging WWE's popularity
Archit Sahay
Modified 10 Mar 2020, 15:10 IST

Chairman Vince McMahon and the WWE Logo
Chairman Vince McMahon and the WWE Logo

WWE has had an almost monopoly on the professional wrestling industry for almost 20 years. Although AEW has now come up as a viable alternative and has been very successful since its inception, there are still several reasons why WWE is still a global giant. Several indicators show us the same. However, on the flip side, there has been an ostensible decline in WWE popularity. The financials and the stock price of the company are at a relatively low level and other forms of entertainment seem to have gained precedence. But, the question is how relevant and popular is WWE today? We shall try and answer that during this slide show.

#6 The Social Media Numbers

WWE celebrating its Social Media Milestone
WWE celebrating its Social Media Milestone

Social media is a quintessential part of life in this day and age. WWE happens to have a monster of a presence on almost all Social Media Platforms. At the time of writing, WWE has the following statistics on the most popular social media platforms:-

  1. Twitter: 10.8 Million Followers
  2. Facebook: 39.6 Million Likes
  3. Instagram: 20.4 Million Followers

These numbers are exceptional and more often than not, WWE special events trend #1 worldwide on Twitter. WWE also has had astronomical success on YouTube and that deserves a special mention. WWE has 55.5 million subscribers and almost 40 billion video views. This makes it the world's 7th most subscribed and 5th most viewed non-auto generated YouTube channel. To put the number of Subscribers into perspective, only 25 countries on this planet have a population more than WWE's number of subscribers! Also, as per data available on SocialBlade, WWE's YouTube Channel has grown exponentially over the past couple of years from less than 25 million in early 2017 to more than double of that today. This period did see a general rise in the number of internet users, especially in India due to the advent of Jio which significantly reduced data costs. However, WWE's pace of growth has been more than most other YouTube Channels during this time. For instance, Impact Wrestling grew from just over 2 million to 3.16 million subscribers in the same time frame. All Elite Wrestling has just over a million subscribers today after more than a year of the inception of its YouTube Channel which is great for a new company but, dwarfs in comparison to the 21 million subscribers WWE's channel gained during the same period. This makes WWE a global brand with a massive online presence.

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Published 10 Mar 2020, 14:28 IST
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