6 Rarely seen promos of the greatest WWE Wrestlers 

Never seen before
Never seen before
Karan Bedi

There's an old saying. You got to start somewhere. And it's no different for some of the WWE Superstars who are some of the greatest WWE Wrestlers of all time. It's quite revealing that like any artist, wrestlers have evolved their gimmicks over time, till they find the one that works.

More importantly, their mic skills are limited at times and their move set probably is not what they're actually known for, at that point. In other cases, some WWE Superstars had a different avatar than some of the WWE fans are used to and well, came off 'weird.' Sometimes, you have to go the long way around to get to the place that makes any wrestler or performer special.

AJ Styles wasn't always the performer he is today. In TNA/Impact Wrestling, he was known for his dangerous high-flying exploits but not necessarily a polished guy on the mic. It was his reincarnation as The Lone Wolf and his being part of The Bullet Club in NJPW which transformed him into The Phenomenal One.

Here are 6 rarely seen promos by famous WWE Wrestlers in different gimmicks then you're used to.

#6 Scott Hall

Cowboy Scott Hall?
Cowboy Scott Hall?

Razor Ramon. The Bad Guy. Last Call Scott Hall. Was this version Texas Scott Hall? It's quite amusing to see 'The Cuban' Razor Ramon as a guy you would mostly find at a local rodeo. Granted, Scott Hall was not Cuban to say the least, but it is jarring to those who grew up seeing the man oozing 'Machismo' come across as a 'Good Ol' Boy.'

The clip below is from CWA Memphis Wrestling. It seems so out of character for The Bad Guy to come off as a straight-faced but muscled 'goody two shoes.' At the same time, his mic skills are excellent. He's able to connect with the audience while still in Kayfabe. This is from the wrestling territory days when wrestling was treated as a sport and not just sports entertainment.

But Scott Hall was a natural on camera, and it's one of the reasons why he succeeded as well as he did.

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Edited by Anirban Banerjee
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