6 rumors about WWE Superstar releases: Backstage reaction, reason, future wrestlers to be let go, and more

Modified 09 Dec 2019
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#2 Backstage reason for WWE allowing Luke Harper to leave

Luke Harper
Luke Harper

Luke Harper is one Superstar that has wanted his release for a long time, asking for it way back in April of this year. He was finally granted his release just before the end of the year.

Sportskeeda's Tom Colohue on a YouTube video revealed the reason why WWE changed their mind and allowed Harper to leave the promotion.

He said that all four Superstars knew that the release was coming with Harper even trademarking his previous ring name - Brodie Lee.

"Harper clearly knew it was coming beforehand as he trademarked his original ring name Brodie Lee, but everyone was told in individual meetings that it would be happening. So they knew, at least a little bit ahead of time even if they couldn't formally announce it," said Colohue about the Harper release.

He also revealed that Harper's lack of WWE TV time was not because of injuries but because WWE creative did not have anything for him.

"It's the case that the creative team simply don't seem to know or didn't at least, seemed to know what to do with him. His recent pairing with Erick Rowan was very last minute, that was something Eric Bischoff was pushing to my knowledge, and while I don't believe it's anything to do with Eric Bischoff departing, I do believe that storyline was very rushed. And, I think that has to do with the brand split and the intention to have a new draft, just before Survivor Series," said Colohue.

Read more about Harper's release here.

Published 09 Dec 2019
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