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6 things that should happen at Survivor Series

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Survivor Series 2017 poster
Who should get the better of who in the battle for brand supremacy?

Now that the Survivor Series card is mostly set, the conversation will inevitably centre on how the event is booked. Though the battle for brand supremacy technically doesn't mean much a good booking can do to further the storylines on both brands once the event is over. While there have been some derisive comparisons to the old Bragging Rights concept, bragging rights can go a long way to enhancing the auras of WWE superstars and the stories they're involved in.

The prospect of betrayals during the Interbrand battles are also tangible and could make the normal RAW or SmackDown programming more intense as 2017 comes to a close. Few emotions are as potent as rage after a betrayal from a supposed ally and the normal feuds on Raw or Smackdown would have an added dimension as a result.

With those things in mind, let's try to look forward in time, and see what decisions might be made which could enhance the quality of Raw and Smackdown as they prepare to make the turn on to the Road to WrestleMania.

#6 Asuka should dominate the Raw vs. SmackDown women's match

Asuka Survivor Series
The Empress of Tomorrow should live up to her name.

If last year's event is anything to go by, the Raw vs. SmackDown women's elimination match will open the show. After the invasion of Raw on the TLC fallout show, GM Kurt Angle should waste no time in sending his newest star acquisition, Asuka, into battle against SmackDown's women, and she should dominate the match.

After a less than perfect debut that felt somewhat incongruent with the hype, this would be the perfect opportunity for Asuka to display just how dangerous she really is. It would also be just the right platform to tease Asuka vs. Becky, and even more so, Asuka vs. Charlotte, which could be huge matches down the line. Asuka and Charlotte being the last two women standing would electrify the Toyota Center right out of the gate and with some of the other matches on the card, that's energy that this event needs.

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