6 times WWE Superstars saved their opponents from serious injuries during a match – Roman Reigns helped Seth Rollins, The Undertaker secretly protected AEW star and more

Modified 25 Mar 2021
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#2 The Undertaker saves The Big Show (WWE SmackDown)

Undertaker was subtle with his move
Undertaker was subtle with his move

The Undertaker is widely regarded as one of the most iconic WWE legends of all time. He has successfully entertained pro wrestling fans for over three decades. The Undertaker’s dedication towards the craft and his loyalty to Vince McMahon made him synonymous with the company over time. He was considered the locker-room leader, and he certainly deserves every bit of respect that he gets from his peers.

The Undertaker’s in-ring intelligence was unmatched in WWE. Despite being the scary, towering man, The Phenom also took responsibility for ensuring that everything went smoothly inside the ring. One such instance witnessed The Undertaker saving The Big Show from hitting his head on a steel chair. Both superstars were a part of a brawl on SmackDown.

After everyone, including The Undertaker, went down to the mat, The Big Show and Kurt Angle were the only two WWE Superstars standing. The Olympic Gold Medalist then prepared to deliver an Angle Slam on The Big Show. But when the latter was on Angle’s shoulders, The Undertaker noticed that a chair was kept right where Show’s head would hit the mat.

The Deadman then swiftly removed the chair using his leg seconds before The Big Show hit the ground. The impact of that move would have caused bigger problems for The Big Show if his head had hit the chair. Thanks to The Undertaker, things never got out of hand.

The Undertaker recently celebrated his 56th birthday, having retired from WWE after an illustrious career. Today, he also confirmed that Kane will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2021. On the other hand, The Big Show recently signed with AEW and is exploring new options for himself in that company.

He reportedly wanted to do more in the final stages of his career and his equation is still the same with the McMahon family. But once upon a time, when they met in the ring, The Undertaker secretly ended up adding several years to The Big Show’s pro wrestling career.

Published 25 Mar 2021
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