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4 interesting things you can buy from WWE Shop

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Modified 28 Sep 2018, 14:10 IST

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WWE can get a lot crazier than one might expect it to get. Yes, ratings are seeing a steep decline, however, WWE is only minting money in terms of advertisement and merchandise sales. It's a stated fact that WWE builds on the market potential that their wrestlers have, more than what they do in the ring or how they are booked inside the ring. Finn Balor lists in the top 5 merchandise mover even after being booked really weak as compared to other stars on the roster.

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WWE Merchandise Mover

Having said that, I stumbled upon WWE Shop and noticed some really weird and strange things that you can buy right now. WWE has tried several ways to hike their merchandise sales and this has made WWE hit every area of market category. Here, let's have a look at 6 weird things you can buy from WWE shop right now.

#5. Voodoo Dolls

Yes these, I am talking about these
Yes these, I am talking about these

The Voodoo dolls released by WWE aren't in any way targeting their PG era fan base and content. Possibly, WWE wanted to surprise their cult fan-bases by releasing these very weird dolls. And I will definitely give you a thumbs up if The Undertaker has one. Now that's actually scary. Having said that, these dolls are actually quite scary and comes across as very strange things that any WWE fan will buy.

#4. Ultimate Warrior Pants

Damn. Just look at all those faces staring at you
Damn. Just look at all those faces staring at you

There must have been a great deal of thinking that might have gone behind coming up with this idea. The Ultimate Warrior should have found a place in WWE merchandise in a better way. It's strange WWE came up with this idea of pants with an almost innumerable number of Ultimate Warrior faces on it. It looks really weird and on top of that, very much strange for a pant to have Hall of Famer -Ultimate Warrior selling it.

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Published 28 Sep 2018, 14:10 IST
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