6 Wrestlers who retired early to pursue other interests

  • These former wrestler found their calling elsewhere.
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Entertainment and sports are considered to be a young man’s/woman’s game. The latter demands a lot of physical work and extraordinary athleticism. Wrestlers dedicate their bodies for love of the game to earn money and fame.

They also go into retirement or semi-retirement due to several reasons. Some of them choose acting as a career option like The Rock or Batista. Few of them stay in the fitness industry and become physical trainers like Diamond Dallas Page or Torrie Wilson. Other former wrestlers have become commentator or TV producer like Booker T and Road Dogg respectively.

We have discussed six wrestlers who took up jobs you would not believe, post their retirement from the world of wrestling.

#6 Mideon - Chef

Mideon: as a wrestler and a chef
Mideon: as a wrestler and a chef

Before being a wrestler, Dennis Knight was a football player. He joined WCW in the early 1990s and WWE in 1996. Known as Phineas I in the tag team of The Godwinns, he joined the Ministry of Darkness as Mideon.

Soon, he realized this was not his calling. He left the world of wrestling and became a chef. Knight is now a businessman and owns a catering company, Dennis Knight Catering in the Tampa area.

#5 Adam Bomb - Actor

Adam Bomb mingling with the crowd
Adam Bomb mingling with the crowd

Bryan Clark was a huge figure, 6’6” tall and weighing 290 lbs - a perfect wrestler fitting the taste of Vince McMahon. He was burdened with a gimmick called Adam Bomb when he joined WWE in 1993. Bomb had a red tongue and green contact lenses and was projected as someone who escaped the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster in Harrisburg, PA.

He retired in 2003 due to injuries and soon turned his attention to Hollywood. He emerged as an actor in the film Axeman 2: Overkill as the title character.

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Published 26 Feb 2019, 19:10 IST
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