6 WWE finishers that have never been kicked out of 

Are these the most protected finishers in WWE?
Are these the most protected finishers in WWE?
Modified 03 Apr 2021
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Finishers are created as a way to end a match as quickly as possible. Many WWE Superstars spend the vast majority of the match trying to set up for their patented finisher.

Whilst several finishers have been protected by WWE over the years, including Baron Corbin's End of Days, there are some that have run their course and reached the point where several WWE stars have kicked out of them.

WrestleMania is usually the place where a finisher no longer has the same effect. The show has seen many finishers kicked out of for the first time, ultimately ruining their overall effectiveness.

Although WWE often doesn't protect superstars' finishers anymore, there are still several that have remained unbeaten over the past few years.

#6. John Cena's WWE Lightning Fist finisher

John Cena has used several finishers throughout his lengthy WWE career, but both the AA and the STF were put on the backburner when Cena returned to WWE back in 2018.

The former 16-time World Champion unveiled his sixth move of doom, The Lightning Fist. The move allowed him to pick up the victory for his team over Kevin Owens and Elias.

A few weeks later Cena unveiled the move at a WWE Live Event. Once again, it was The Drifter who was defeated. Although this move has only been seen twice, it's currently one that has never been kicked out of.


#5. Razor Ramon's Razor's Edge Finisher

Razor Ramon was an expert storyteller who was aware of how effective a finisher needed to be. Even though The Razor's Edge has been incorporated into several wrestler's move-sets over the years. When the move was performed by the man himself, it was unbeatable.

Throughout his career, Ramon would use the move in squash matches as an insurance policy. He only used it in high-profile matches if he knew he was going over. Back in Razor Ramon's day, a finisher didn't need to be kicked out of several times in order to show that a match was entertaining, which is why the move remains unbeaten to this day.

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Published 03 Apr 2021, 20:26 IST
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