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6 WWE Superstar tattoos with a backstory

Thomas Lowson
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Jeff Hardy is instantly recognisable because of his tattoos
Jeff Hardy is instantly recognisable because of his tattoos

A tattoo is a huge commitment. Not only can they be expensive, but inking means a permanent stamp on your body, as well as placing a lot of trust in the artist.

For some people, a tattoo is a long thought out process, whilst for others, it is an instant decision, sometimes to commemorate a huge moment, other times because they're wasted.

In WWE, there have been plenty of superstars with tattoos, with some revealing why they decided to change their bodies, and some superstars have a lot better reasons than others.

Here are six WWE Superstars with a story behind their ink.

#6 CM Punk takes the Pepsi Plunge

Punk in the UFC, where he is currently 0-2
Punk in the UFC, where he is currently 0-2

When fans look at the iconic Pepsi logo of former WWE Superstar, CM Punk, they may at a first glance believe that the straight edge savior got the tattoo for his love of the refreshing drink.

And whilst there’s no denying that Punk clearly is a fan of the drink, the Pepsi tattoo is also a subtle message about his straight-edge lifestyle.

One of his oldest tattoos, Punk got the famous striped logo after seeing so many people get tattoos of their favourite beer companies, defiantly announcing his straight-edge belief that he would refuse alcohol in favor of the popular soda.

This tattoo did lead to some issues however when he joined WWE as licensing issues meant the logo was sometimes excluded from WWE games and figures, as the company did not want to pay a huge fee to Pepsi.


The MMA star’s love of the beverage even found it’s way into his move-set, with the Pepsi Plunge and Pepsi Twist being some of Punk’s most iconic wrestling moves, before he retired in 2014.

Now competing in UFC, Punk continues to show his tattoos in fights, with his opponents seeing the words DRUG FREE on his knuckles as Punk wails into them. 

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