6 WWE Superstars who may not be part of the 2020 Draft

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Suhas Jirgi
Modified 02 Oct 2020
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WWE confirmed the rumors of a 2020 Draft during September 27th's Clash of Champions pay-per-view. The WWE Draft has always been an event that gets fans to tune in. With new feuds and interesting match-ups on the cards, the WWE Universe will be keen to see where their favorite Superstars end up.

2020's WWE Draft is even more significant, considering Survivor Series is looming just a month away on November 22nd. With RAW, SmackDown and NXT set to battle it out for brand supremacy, there are sure to be some high profile trades.

The first shots have already been fired, with SmackDown's WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns saying the following about RAW:

"We got a bunch of fast-food fans and they complain that they want stories and well thought out stories to develop. When you start doing that for them, they want it all now. My people, I’m cooking a steak. We’re creating an elaborate omelet and we’re in the process of cracking eggs right now. You’re not going to get it quite yet. We’re gonna let the steaks stay on the grill. If you want your cheeseburger, watch RAW. SmackDown, we do filet mignon"

Outside storylines, the Draft also presents WWE with an opportunity to halt the viewership decline they have been experiencing in recent times. Sadly, there are a few decorated superstars that are unlikely to be featured this year. There are several reasons why they could miss out, such as:

  1. Being sidelined due to injury
  2. Being held back for a bigger story down the line
  3. Being too big to be latter Draft picks, but too inactive to be initial ones

Here is a look at six wrestlers who may not be featured on the 2020 WWE Draft, and the reason for their absence:

#6 WWE's Ultimate Opportunist, Edge


The Rated-R Superstar's return to WWE during January 2020's Royal Rumble was surreal. Nine years after repeated neck injuries forced him to retire, Edge speared his way back to the square ring in emphatic fashion.

The fans were delighted to see the 11-time world champion back in action. Their joy was augmented when they heard that his return was not just a one-off appearance. The Ultimate Opportunist was said to have signed a three-year contract with WWE that included nine matches in total.

Edge was embroiled in a personal feud against The Viper Randy Orton since his return. Unfortunately, he sustained a tricep injury during their main event match at Backlash in June. The injury was stated to be severe and ruled him out of wrestling for the foreseeable future.

Edge has a score to settle with Randy Orton and his return to WWE is inevitable. However, WWE will want that return to surprise the fans when they least expect it and will therefore refrain from featuring Edge's name in the 2020 Draft. They will be hoping the WWE Universe will forget about Edge just enough to make his return that much more memorable.

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Published 30 Sep 2020
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