Watch: 6 WWE Superstars with the worst track record in 2021

Wrestlers with the worst track record in 2021
Wrestlers with the worst track record in 2021
Tejas Pagare

WWE isn't all sunshine and rainbows for everybody. It is a business where in order for someone to win, someone else has to lose. Even a Hall of Famer has to lose matches in order to put a young talent over.


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Roman Reigns has the most dominant track record for the year 2021 while some of the former world champions have lost many times. In the video, we take a look at those on the other end of the spectrum - the ones who have surprisingly bad records in WWE for the calendar year.

Sami Zayn has one of the worst track records of his WWE career in 2021


Sami Zayn's controversial storyline has been going on for a year now. After seeing his record, it seems that he may not be lying. In 2021, Sami wrestled 35 matches and lost 26 of them. His biggest loss was at WrestleMania against Kevin Owens.

The Great Liberator also lost to Roman Reigns in under a minute thanks to interference from Brock Lesnar. There may be some truth to his grand claims of a conspiracy against him, after all.

Find out the real reason why Sting came to WWE only to lose his debut match right here.

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