7 amazing facts about The Great Khali

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The Great Khali has led an interesting life, both inside and outside the ring
Riju Dasgupta

During the massive Punjabi Prison match for the WWE Championship at Battleground 2017, Randy Orton thwarted both WWE Champion Jinder Mahal and his cronies, the Singh Brothers, and was about to become a 14th-time world champion when a monster walked to the ring and helped his fellow countryman win.

This was a giant familiar to those in the WWE Universe known as The Great Khali, a massive 7' 3" behemoth who had ruled the roost in WWE between 2006 and 2014!

Let's find out more about this man, who is a certified superstar in his home country of India. Here are 7 amazing facts about this monstrous individual.

#7 He once had a real backstage fight with the Big Show

Big Show appeared on 'Talk is Jericho' a few years ago and Jericho brought up an incident from the past when he was locked in a real life scuffle with The Great Khali. Jericho went so far as to describe it almost as a fight between 'Godzilla and King Kong'.

The Big Show said that their fight stemmed from the fact that he believed that Khali did not take what they did seriously. He attributed this primarily to the language barrier between the two men, with Khali not being very fluent in the English language.

As immobile as The Great Khali can be in the ring, in this situation, he was weaving and bobbing like a professional boxer would, according to The Big Show. It ended with both men falling down and The Great Khali sitting on top of The Big Show, thereby possibly making him the victor. The tale is discussed to this day among professional wrestlers who were lucky enough to be inside the WWE locker room on that fateful day.

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