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7 Current Superstars WWE should not be sleeping on

J. Carpenter
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Someone make sense out of this one!
Someone make sense out of this one!

In latest WWE NEWS, we are living in a unique era, in regards to the landscape of professional wrestling. There has never been as much quality talent spread throughout the various WWE rosters, as there is today.

From top-to-bottom, the main rosters, as well as the NXT roster are all jammed packed, full of some of the best performers in the entire world.

One would assume that with so much great talent under one banner, everything must be perfect.

However, that is not necessarily the case, especially when you become one of those who possess a plethora of talent, but because of whatever reasons, you are constantly being overlooked.

When you look at the top of the main roster, things look pretty good. It's hard to argue against having Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins as your top two Superstars, especially considering how well they are performing at this stage in their respective careers.

It's the rest of the field where things get cloudy and essentially, some guys who should be near the top, are being slept on for some reason.

So, with that said, who is actually being overlooked at the moment? Is your favorite WWE Superstar being held back, unjustly? In this article, we take a closer look at 7 current WWE Superstars who deserve better, but they are being overlooked.

These are the 7 WWE Superstars WWE should not be sleeping on.

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#7 The Ascension

The Ascension SHOULD
The Ascension SHOULD "rise."

Just a couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to meet both Konnor and Viktor of the Ascension. WWE was in my town for a SmackDown Live taping and I was staying at the same hotel that some of the WWE Superstars were spending the night.

I sat and spoke briefly with Konnor and the one takeaway that I had from our impromptu conversation was that he absolutely loves the sport of professional wrestling. Just spending five minutes with him will confirm that he considers wrestling not only a job but also a passion.

He and Viktor were both very approachable and extremely humble. To be honest, it was one of the best Superstar interactions I had ever had.

Looking back at what The Ascension accomplished in NXT, at how destructive they were and how much they dominated the rest of the roster, then comparing that to how much of a joke they have been relegated to's pretty disheartening, to be honest.

I have no doubt that these guys have much more to offer than what they are being allowed to show. The company is in desperate need of a tag team revival as it is, why not capitalize on the talent that we already know The Ascension possesses as it is?

Viktor and Konnor were easily one of NXT's greatest tag teams ever. However, once they made the jump to the main roster, they were met with a very lackadaisical effort on behalf of WWE's creative powers-that-be.

Fans had a difficult time taking The Ascension serious, especially considering the company had now begun booking them as comical enhancement talent. It's really a sad mistake made on behalf of WWE's brass. Why book these guys so strong in NXT, only to elevate them to the main roster and treat them as ridiculously as they have.

There is money on the table that Konnor and Viktor could be making. Unfortunately, it does not appear those in control have any interest in giving this one a chance.

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