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Fantasy Warfare: 7 dream matches between past and current wrestlers?

We look at some dream matches that we wish could have happened, and speculate who would win in this fun slideshow.

Cena vs. Hogan;  Who would have won?
Cena vs. Hogan; Who would have won?

Could Ali have taken Tyson? Would Joe Namath school Tom Brady or be embarrassed by him?

In any sport, there are endless debates about how the new crop of talent would fare against veteran athletes. This is true in pro wrestling as well, with fans theorizing how superstars of different eras would fare against each other.

Let's take a look at some fantasy dream match-ups between the stars of today and yesterday.

#1 Demolition vs. The Ascension


The hard-hitting Demolition square off against their imitators in our first matchup.

Demolition: Ax and Smash, two veteran heavyweights with top-notch brawling skills and genuine toughness. Ax was a slightly better ring technician than Smash, but the difference is small.

Strengths: Power, toughness, and a willingness to cheat to win, as well as experience.

Weaknesses: A definite lack of finesse.

The Acension
The Ascension

The Ascension: Connor and Viktor are sleeker, quicker wrestlers than Demolition. Viktor is comparable to a scalpel with his systematic approach, whereas Connor is likened to a hammer for his straight-ahead power game.

Strengths: Speed and a more cerebral approach to wrestling.

Weaknesses: They bring less power to the table than Demolition, and aren't the greatest at tag team offence.

Who would win: Demolition.

In the early going, Viktor is able to use his superior speed to keep Demolition at a distance, and frequent tags with partner Connor keep him fresh -- for a while.

Eventually, Demolition's 'ground and pound' and the devastating offence take their toll, and the Ascension falls victim to the Decapitator at the twenty-minute mark, with a decisive win for the veteran team.

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