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7 most gruesome in-ring injuries (Videos included)

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Joey Mercury Face
Joey Mercury, after receiving stitches for his ladder injury

If there is one thing you should never say to a pro wrestling fan, it's that wrestling is fake. Yes, the winner is decided in advance, the wrestlers give scripted promos and yes, they do not really hit each other as hard as possible.

But this does not mean that these wrestlers aren't world class athletes, who put their bodies on the line week after week just to entertain the fans and for their passion for the pro wrestling business. These are athletes who perform dangerous and potentially fatal moves in front of a live audience week after week.

Even though these wrestlers are well experienced in the ring, sometimes, accidents do happen. These can range from a twisted ankle or sprained ligament to even potentially fatal injuries. Today let's take a look at five instances of the most gruesome in-ring injuries.

(Since we are considering injuries only, I have not included Owen Hart's accidental death, which remains the most horrific accident till date in WWE history).

#7 Cena gets his nose broken

SuperCena for a reason

Whether you love him or you hate him, you've got to admire the fact that Cena is someone with extraordinary physical prowess. His superhuman strength has been on display in the ring many times and has also appeared in his super fast rehab from various injuries.

One more incident to showcase his high threshold of pain took place on Raw in a match against Seth Rollins for the US Championship in 2015. During their matchup, Rollins attempted to knee Cena in the face and accidentally made hard contact. Cena immediately fell to the floor clutching his face. It was immediately apparent that something was not right and a few moments later we found out what.

As the camera panned to Cena's face, we could clearly see that his nose was brutally disfigured, with blood pouring down his face. A normal human being would probably stop the match at this point but, Cena being Cena, went on to finish the match without stopping.

Seek to 1:03 to watch the accident.

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