7 of the Best Samoa Joe promos in WWE

Samoa Joe is an absolute beast on the mic
Samoa Joe is an absolute beast on the mic
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Nuufolau Joel Seanoa a.k.a Samoa Joe is without a doubt, one of the best performers on the mic in WWE.

Not just on the mic, he's one of the most charismatic wrestlers in all of wrestling and his athleticism and agility has captured the attention of fans and wrestling promoters worldwide.

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His run in NXT was a testament of his work ethic and superior mic skills and while the former two-time NXT Champion is yet to win any major gold on the main roster, there is no denying that Triple H has acquired one of the most unique gems the wrestling industry has ever seen.

'SAVAGE' might be what the internet like to refer to Samoa Joe's promos. The man literally spits fire every time he gets on the mic, absolutely roasting his opponents in the process. Here's a list of the best segments and promos involving Samoa Joe in WWE, including NXT.

#7 The Arrival of the Destroyer: NXT Takeover: Unstoppable (May 20, 2015)

Samoa Joe made his first appearance in NXT after the Title match between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn
Samoa Joe made his first appearance in NXT after the Title match between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

Kevin Owens, the then NXT Champion, was about to start an all-out attack on Sami Zayn. Just before he could swing the steel chair onto Zayn, the music hits.

Outcomes Samoa Joe. The crowd goes nuts.

The reaction on Owens' face told the story. Shocked and stunned, he had no clue why the Samoan submission machine was making his entrance down the ramp. The crowd responded, "JOE IS GONNA KILL YOU". That's the kind of impact he brought with his presence alone.

That same night, Joe cut his first promo under the WWE banner, and we got to know from here on, this man meant business. One of his more underrated promos, this makes the list because of the delivery of the lines, the subtle pause and his ability to work the crowd.

Have a look at it below:


#6 Ruining Jeff Hardy's 20th Anniversary in WWE Celebration: SmackDown Live (November 27, 2018)

Samoa Joe went personal in this one!
Samoa Joe went personal in this one!

In one of his more recent promos, Samoa Joe, like the truly evil heel he portrays, came out to ruin the celebration of 20 years of Jeff Hardy in WWE.

We were meant to believe that it was a genuine token of appreciation from the WWE Universe and the management for the Charismatic Enigma.

The entire SmackDown roster, babyfaces and heels alike, stood at the entrance ramp to celebrate and cheer for the charismatic enigma. But behold, Samoa Joe had some other plans.

Samoa Joe has the ability to make his promos so personal and believable, and this particular incident was no different.

Joe went personal and deep into Jeff's past and his struggles with drug and alcohol abuse. In what can be described as an absolute party spoiler, this promo was done in front of the entire locker room members, the general manager and the commissioner of SmackDown. This man had some audacity.

Although this segment belonged more to Jeff Hardy, who came back at him with some intense lines himself, no one can deny how much a reaction Samoa Joe can generate with his style of verbal attack.


#5 "We're done talking": RAW (July 3, 2017)

Joe and Lesnar had so much chemistry in their promo segments
Joe and Lesnar had so much chemistry in their promo segments

This one was a classic example of a backstage promo done right. Just have a look at Samoa Joe's eyes.

When he's in character, he is truly badass. This segment took place on the RAW before The Great Balls of Fire PPV, which was Samoa Joe's first shot at the WWE Universal Championship. And his opponent? Brock Lesnar.

There is such distinction in Joe's promo, that makes you wanna place your bets on him winning.

Samoa Joe spoke about how he has been hunting the Champion for the past several weeks and that he has always taken Lesnar down every opportunity he got.

Which, by the way, was actually true. Brock Lesnar isn't known for his promo skills but everyone knows that he has Paul Heyman, who doesn't need much introduction.

Things started getting really serious when Joe got into Heyman's head.
Things started getting really serious when Joe got into Heyman's head.

A week prior to this promo, Paul Heyman and Samoa Joe's segment on RAW had earned a lot of praise from the online wrestling community, which also included Wrestling Observer Radio's Dave Meltzer.

But what made the segment from the next episode of RAW stand out was the sheer intensity with which Joe was delivering his lines, and the fallout from it lead to Samoa Joe almost get his hands on the Beast Incarnate.

This can be regarded as one of Samoa Joe's best mic work, his chemistry with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman was absolutely wonderful to watch as a wrestling fan.


#4 The 'TV Commercial' Samoa Joe: SmackDown Live (December 4, 2018)

This promo showed us a side of Samoa Joe which was entertaining, to say the least.
This promo showed us a side of Samoa Joe which was entertaining, to say the least.

What can be said about this one? One of Samoa Joe's most unique promos in WWE, he literally went to a bar to shoot what seemed like an advert for raising awareness on alcohol abuse. His target? Jeff Hardy, once again.

Samoa Joe may be loitering around in some not-so-meaningful feuds at the moment, but you cannot argue the fact that he makes any feud seem a lot more interesting, thanks to the varied mic skills that he puts on display.

He may be absolutely menacing in most of his other promos, but this particular promo sheds light to a comic side of Joe's verbal skills.

While the crowd may have been dead silent during the promo, in hindsight, this is a rare gem that has been continually appreciated by wrestling communities and fans worldwide.

Credits to Jeff Hardy and WWE as well, who allowed such personal tantrums to be thrown towards him.


#3 "OH WENDYYYY": SmackDown Live (August 21, 2018)

Daddy ain't coming home, daddy's gone NIGHT NIGHT!
Daddy ain't coming home, daddy's gone NIGHT NIGHT!

How does one rate a promo like this? How does one react to it?

AJ Styles and Samoa Joe's feud was one of the highlights of 2018. Arguably the two best wrestling personalities colliding against each other in what proved to be Styles' best work in his second WWE Championship reign. This was personal. This was close to the chest.


Samoa Joe was absolutely menacing towards Styles right from the get-go. He left no stone unturned.

There was no aspect that he hadn't touched about Styles' personal life and his family. The two tore it down when they met each other in the ring, but the real deal was Samoa Joe's intensity in his promos.

Joe just makes you believe that he is truly evil, his constant tantrums towards The Phenomenal One's wife Wendy and her little daughter Anney showed a dark side to him that made this feud more than just another normal WWE Championship feud.

Here's the promo that made the line "OH WENDYY" popular among fans:


#2 " I came to put a champion to sleep": SmackDown Live (January 29, 2019)

Samoa Joe was at his outright best in this epic promo
Samoa Joe was at his outright best in this epic promo

While most of the fans were caught up with the Rollins-Lesnar or Lynch-Rousey saga, this past week on SmackDown we were presented with a very interesting segment.

Daniel Bryan unveiled his very own WWE Title Belt design, and soon after, AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, Mustafa Ali and Samoa Joe made their intentions clear about being next in line to face the WWE Champion.

While the rest had very usual things to say, Samoa Joe clearly stood out from the rest. This was one of Joe's best promos in terms of how he single-handedly ripped apart his opponents in just three lines or fewer.

In a matter of 1 minute and 10 seconds, Joe obliterated all five members in the ring and the crowd went berserk at every line he uttered.

It was just one of those moments where you'll see the amount of talent in the ring, and realize that Joe is just worlds apart when it comes to mic skills.

At one point, it was apparent that Randy Orton was having a tough time controlling his reactions to what Joe was saying.

Don't miss out on viewing this gem here: (Joe's part starts at 6:09)


#1 "Hey you look at me when I'm talking to you, or we can straighten this out right now": RAW (July 10, 2017)

This was by far, Samoa Joe's best promo segment in WWE
This was by far, Samoa Joe's best promo segment in WWE

Brock Lesnar is back and so is Samoa Joe. The chemistry between these two in promo segments has been talked about and is largely because of this brilliant segment from RAW in 2017.

The reactions this guy was getting was astounding. He had no inhibitions, no fear, and made the audiences believe in him to be a genuine threat to the Universal Champion.

By far, one of Joe's best mic work, it paints a picture of how even in an environment where each and every line in a promo is scripted by the management, Joe stills revels.

He makes the script sound immensely real and his delivery is unmatched by any other WWE superstar. Say what you want about Joe, but his heel work and mic skills are on another level when you compare it to the other wrestlers on the show.

Have a look at this segment for yourself and you'll know why he is a class apart:

(Joe's part starts from 2:10)

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