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7 of the best wrestlers over 40

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18.56K   //    10 Mar 2018, 14:19 IST

Age is just a number for these athletes.

AJ Styles
AJ Styles

With its brutal road schedule, painful bumps, and almost certain injuries, pro wrestling is a young man's game, right?

Wrong! Now more than ever, athletes are finding ways to remain competitive long after they have passed their 'prime.' It seems like every promotion has at least a few wrestlers who continue to work well into middle age.

After all, there's no substitute for experience, and these wrestlers can still perform at a level that exceeds men half their age.

Without further ado, here are seven of the best wrestlers over the age of forty.



"You will never forget the name of....(inhale)....GOLDUST!"

Well, we won't have to, because it seems like he's never going to retire!

Did Dustin Runnels--son of the legendary American Dream Dusty Rhodes--find the fountain of youth? At the age of 48, he looks better than he did during his TNA run ten years ago, and is still smooth as silk in the ring despite his advanced age.

Gold never loses its glitter, and neither does Goldust!

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