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7 of the tallest superstars in WWE history
They were the tallest superstars in the WWE history
Modified 02 Aug 2018
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Giant Wrestlers has always been a typical favorite of Vince McMahon as he saw a money-making machine in the big guys. The idea is to make the other guys look dwarf and make the match much more of a giant against dwarf clash in order to keep the fans engaged.

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Some of these wrestlers achieved the greater amount of success and fame but some of them didn't reach to those heights as expected.

Over the past decades, some 'Giant' wrestlers came in the WWE but some of them remained in the heart and souls of fans. Speaking of the Giant one can remember 'The Eight Wonder of the World', Andre the Giant. He is second tallest wrestlers in the history of the WWE.

However, these men are actually more than that as they turned out to be some sort of signature of WWE as years went by.

Having at least one tall guy in the roster has turned out to be some sort of importance for various promotion nowadays. Over the several decades, a plethora of skyscrapers has step-foot into the squared circle of WWE.

Who are the seven of the Tallest Superstars in WWE history? Read On!

#5 Kane, Big Cass, and Big Show - 7’0" (TIE)
Big Show is one of the only two WWE Superstars who can compete with Big Cass head-to-head at seven-feet

Here we have a tie between Kane, Big Cass, and Big Show. They all stand 7-foot (213.36 cm) tall and you can't teach that. All these decades they have clearly dominated every wrestler who stood up in their path. Well, same can't be spoken for the Big Cass.

Big Show is not just a regular big guy who only depends on the power game, but he is also someone who could show his agility and speed quite often.

Earlier this year, Big Cass received some opposition of his size in the form of Big Show. Cass stood tall in the feud showing his strength and agility, before departing from WWE.

Big Show is one of only two WWE Superstars who can compete with Big Cass head-to-head at seven feet flat and the Demons' Favourite- Kane is second of them.

Although we didn't witness a feud between Big Cass and Kane, we know that if it would have ever happened Kane will clearly dominate him not easily but he will ( i guess) and that match will be worthy to watch.

Kane is arguably one of the best in-ring and on-the-mic worker in the history of WWE. One can remember when he used to terrify everyone with his big size, red flames, and appearing from the hell (below the ring, I mean) back in the days.

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Published 02 Aug 2018, 20:59 IST
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