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7 of your favourite performers released by the WWE, and what they are currently up to

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CM Punk tried his hands at MMA after his release, but didn't make it big
CM Punk tried his hands at MMA after his release, but didn't make it big

WWE has been home to some of the greatest wrestlers the industry has ever seen. Wrestlers such as Kane, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, John Cena, and Sheamus have enjoyed some of the longest tenures as wrestlers with the company.

However, not all competitors have been as blessed as the ones mentioned above when it has come to continuous tenancy with the company. While some have tripped and fallen after getting far, many have failed completely.

Superstars of yesterday such as Kurt Angle and Booker T have taken to other promotions before returning to the WWE on their way to find more success and better contracts. Currently, there are many superstars who have done the same and left the company to pursue a better contract and career for themselves.

Other wrestlers have simply been fired by the WWE for either underperforming, or breaching contract clause and wellness policies.

Lets take a look at some wrestlers who recently parted ways with the WWE, and where they are today.

#7 Ryback

Ryback showed a lot of potential
Ryback showed a lot of potential

Ryback saw some success with the WWE during his time in the company. His Feed Me More gimmick did well with the fans, and his size and strength could have helped him reach greater heights for the company.

Since he saw himself as a better prospect than he was being portrayed in the WWE, he requested the company release him because of the creative differences which had developed. He believed that he would get what he deserves on the independent circuit instead.

Instead, the same did not happen as he did not manage to get many bookings. None of the bookings he actually got was of any worth, nor did he have noteworthy performances.

It is heartbreaking to see such a good wrestler go to waste on both the independent circuit and the WWE. Hopefully soon someone with actually ‘Feed Him More’.

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