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7 possible finishes to the 2017 Men's traditional Survivor Series match

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The men's elimination match is stacked

To call the two Survivor Series men's teams stacked would be an understatement. Never has two teams in Survivor Series held such star-power. 2016 had two great teams, but the only part-timer in the match was Shane McMahon.

Let's give props to WWE where it's due. They turned Survivor Series around and made it possibly the most anticipated PPV of the entire year.

The addition of Triple H over Jason Jordan on the RAW team made the PPV a must-watch. Kurt Angle's job as general manager is on the line and the two brands have had serious animosity after invading one another. As things stand, it's advantage RAW, but how is the match going to end.

Here are ways in which the Survivor Series men's traditional elimination match can end!

#7 Jason Jordan turns heel and costs team RAW

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Jason Jordan was distraught over losing his spot on team RAW

Jason Jordan was selected by his father Kurt Angle as the initial fifth member of the RAW Survivor Series team. Many questioned Jordan's position in the match as he was the only competitor who stood out as inexperienced and a weak link.

Unsurprisingly, his spot was taken away from him after a kayfabe injury by Bray Wyatt. Despite begging and pleading his father to let him compete at Survivor Series, it was none other than Triple H who returned and took his spot. He added salt to the wound when he hit the prodigy with a pedigree.

It's no secret that Jason Jordan has been rejected by the fans since the Kurt Angle illegitimate son storyline. The reactions for him have only gotten worse and worse, and the crowd chanting "Thank you Wyatt" for injuring him may have definitely been the icing on the cake.

After having his spot taken away from him, it makes sense that the gold-blooded prodigy snaps and takes revenge on the people who cost him his dream of performing with his father and representing his brand.

Team RAW could be on the verge of victory when Jason Jordan comes in and attacks both Triple H and his father Kurt Angle. A heel run with Jordan where he plays on the nepotism story could do wonders with his characters and could also make him the most hated heel in WWE.

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