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7 Shocking Ways WWE Tricked  Fans Into Rooting For Roman Reigns This Week

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Roman Reigns, The Shield,
Did WWE succeed in tricking fans to get behind Roman Reigns this week?

How is WWE pulling this off?

Believe it or not, that is the question that The WWE Universe now has to ask themselves after the company has pulled out literally all the stops in the world to get fans behind Roman Reigns. Of course, fans should have probably seen this coming after what the company did to Brock Lesnar and Bruan Strowman, but it seems like now nothing and no one is safe.

If nothing else, this weeks edition of Monday Night Raw proved just how far WWE is willing to go when it wants the company to love or hate someone. In fact, The WWE has been doing such a good job at putting support being Reigns lately, that fans might not even mind the fact that the company wants him to have a lengthy title reigns.

With that being said, how did WWE pull it off this week and what will be the long-term implications of what they did moving forward? Furthermore, how will what happened Monday night on Raw affect The Universal title picture? Well, attempt to answer all those questions and more as we break down exactly how tricked fans this week into getting behind Reigns.

#7 Doing their original entrance

The Shield,
What a statement WWE made by having The Shield make their original entrance on Raw.

Sometimes the simplest things can be the most powerful and WWE had been shying away from doing The Shield's original interest at first, they made sure to do it this week on Monday Night Raw. Not only did doing that create a fight like feel to the opening segment of the night, it also gave the night a nostalgic feel of sorts.

Again, having them walk through the crowd might seem like something very simple, but it contributing to the aesthetic of the night that few other things would have. Furthermore, it gave fans quite the surprise from the get-go, which had to leave many of them gasping in amazement as they saw The Hounds of justice ascend to the ring.

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