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7 Superstars and unseen photos of vehicular accidents they were involved in

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WOKEN Brother Nero just can't stay out of trouble.
WOKEN Brother Nero just can't stay out of trouble.

It's total non-stop action in the life of a pro wrestler and the chaos just doesn't end in the ring.

Call it untimely misfortune or a few reckless decisions made on a drunken night, but many superstars have screwed up behind the wheel, and while most of them survived with a few bruises and broken bones, a handful of them suffered near-fatal injuries.

Their priceless bodies weren't the only things knocked up as a result of the accidents as the vehicles naturally bore a bigger brunt of the mishaps.

Here's how they looked after their illustrious owners lost control over them:

#1 Jeff Hardy: March 10th, 2018

Photos courtesy of WrestlingInc.
Photos courtesy of

Just when you thought that Jeff Hardy has straightened his life up in his latest run with WWE, the Charismatic Enigma managed to take his 2016 Cadillac CTS-V go 105 feet of the guardrail, spinning 90 degrees into another lane while being under the influence of alcohol.

A 60-day suspension of his license on a DWI charge and a trip to a WWE-sponsored rehab are the repercussions for Hardy's careless actions at a time when he is cleared to return from a shoulder injury.

WWE issued a statement saying that Hardy is responsible for his own actions and that the company was waiting for local law enforcement agencies to conduct their investigations.

It's high time that Brother Nero's bad habits are DELETED!

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