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7 symbols seen in WWE and their meanings

Sarah Hirsch
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The Undertaker’s tattoos are great examples of symbols

Symbols usually have stories behind them that mean a lot to the person who carries them.  Whether its tattoos on their skin, ring gear, moves or a piece of jewelry that has sentimental value, it’s a representation to them that reveals the story of who they are.

The great thing about WWE is that the talent they have is from all walks of life.  Some superstars are from other parts of the world and no matter what there is someone on the roster who is inspiring a fan out there.  WWE Superstars are on a pedestal; fans have their favorites and look up to them.  Superstars are often looked at as heroes and idols which aren’t taken lightly at all.  It is a great thing to see today’s Superstars pay homage over time because they were in our spots at one time, too.

WWE Superstars have symbols of their own, regardless if it’s through entrance music, a move, or maybe a tattoo commemorating a time in their lives.

#7 Undertaker’s BSK tattoo

The Undertaker isn’t the only one who has these three letters tattooed on him

The Undertaker is adorned with many tattoos.  One of the most noticeable ones is the BSK tattoo on his stomach. BSK either means Bone Street Krew or Back Stage Krew, and it pays homage to his group of friends back in the 90s.  

They include Yokozuna, Rikishi, Godfather, amongst others.  In a interview, various members of the Klub were interviewed, and they revealed to have tattoos of BSK as well. 

That’s what I call a close pack for sure.


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