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7 things WWE can do to make their Tag Team division exciting again

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The Shield looms large over Demolition

Once a staple of the WWE, tag team wrestling has been diminishing in importance as the company moves forward through 2018.

These days tag team wrestling seems like an afterthought, and the tag team championships are often given to two singles stars who the company wants to keep relevant. This is a far cry from the classic era, where teams like the Hart Foundation, Demolition, The British Bulldogs, Strike Force, and the Colossal Connection provided some of the most iconic moments in wrestling history.

But all is not lost. The WWE can bring excitement and relevance back to their tag team division by taking the following seven steps.

#1 Get some new blood in the mix

New Japan Wrestling's Killer Elite Squad would be a great acquisition for the WWE.
New Japan Wrestling's Killer Elite Squad would be a great acquisition for the WWE

While we love the New Day and the Usos, and the five men involved in those stables have put on electrifying matches and participated in hilarious skits, we're tired of seeing them fight each other.

With so few verifiable full-time tag units around, it gets challenging for WWE to come up with angles and storylines for them. Adding some new tag team talent could make that task much easier. Men like the Killer Elite Squad fit in perfectly with WWE's vision of what wrestlers should be, and would be a great addition to the company.

There are other teams as well, from indie legends like the Briscoes to newer stars just cutting their teeth in the industry. If WWE wants to grow the tag team division they must fertilize it with new stars.

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