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7 things you missed from Raw: December 4th, 2017

The impact of the Indian tour on the show, Balor's struggle, Absolution's evolution, and The Shield.

Reigns advised Jordon,
Reigns advised Jordan to "stay in his lane"

Good storylines, better execution: these four words perfectly summarises this week's WWE Raw. The show was tightly scripted right from the get-go. The backstage interviews and the promos for next week's matches build the momentum as the night progressed.

Let’s recap the moments which went unnoticed on this eventful night.

#1 Feud with Reigns solidified Jordan

The feeling of getting caught in the wrong spot.
Jason caught Roman during their match

In last week's review, I expressed concerns about Jason Jordan's storylines. This week’s storyline has mitigated my concerns.

The match with Roman Reigns highlighted Jason Jordan’s athletic ability and his strength. The young Superstar caught "The Big Dog" midair, and Reigns' facial expressions spoke volumes about Jason's strength.

Later, we witnessed Jordan’s resilience as he refused to tap out to the perfectly positioned submission move. Notably, his bad knee ruined his opportunities against Kane and Braun Strowman in the last two weeks. However, he made sure that wasn't the case this week.

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