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8 times WWE Stars attacked the fans

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Published Mar 25, 2016
Mar 25, 2016 IST
Their epic feud isn’t the only thing common between Punk and Y2J

Fan attacks WWE superstar at an event! How often have you come across such a headline in the past year or so? I bet the number is alarmingly high. Call it misdirected emotion or a dumb error of judgment, but a bunch of deranged fans crossed the lines by assaulting their not so favorite superstars.

You know things have gone overboard and that it’s high time WWE steps up its security detail when a fan has the cojones to attack a behemoth in Braun Strowman. But what if even that isn’t enough to detract the fans? 

I’ve read fan’s comments that called for the stars themselves to take matters into their own hands and give it back to the fans who get too close for comfort. Well at times, the stars did just that and couldn't help but give an unruly fan a taste of their own medicine.

In this article, we take a look at those shocking or amazing moments – whatever you may want to term it as – when larger than life wrestlers attacked their fans:

Triple H breaks character and pummels a fan

If you thought Brock Lesnar was the mayor of Suplex City, the following instance will force you to reconsider your decision. This incident too place after a house show match between Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Game had just lost a gruelling match courtesy of a stunner and was already at his wit's end when a fan decided to step into the ring and get physical with the Texas Rattlesnake.

An alert HHH grabbed the fan and suplexed the living daylights out of him before he could have gotten his hands on Austin. He went on to deliver some devastating punches while the referee too got on the action with a couple of stiff kicks. 

You don't screw around with the Game, even if it means trying to avenge a loss for him: 

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