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7 Times WWE Superstars Picked On The Fans

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The most important part of a wrestling promotion is its fans, period. Even if you are coming up with the best wrestling out there, and you have no fans to watch it, then the whole thing is a waste right? After all, the wrestlers are putting their lives on the line to entertain the fans.

This motto however gets thrown out of the window at times. This is because, just like all the ordinary humans filled with emotions, Wrestlers also have their tipping point. Pushing them to the limit is probably the last thing a fan would want. Over the course of time, we have seen a lot of such instances where superstars get their hands on the fans and here is a look back at some of them.


NWO was the D-generation X of WWE. The stable was cult and at the same time pushed things well beyond the limit. Their formation was one of the turning points in the wrestling history and emotions were really running wild.

NWO was officially formed when Hulk Hogan turned heel at the 1996 Bash at the Beach. Hogan was a squeaky clean babyface till then and most of the fans did not appreciate his turn. Since most of the fans did not know that wrestling was scripted they were furious at Hogan. One fan in particular came in to get his hands on Hogan but was immediately laid out by Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. It was a bad beating and this is how wrestling used to blur the lines between reality and kayfabe.   

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