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5 Wrestlers who temporarily wore a mask

Edan Nissen
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Masked wrestling has a long deep tradition in Mexico, with some Luchadors dying in their mask. This isn
Masked wrestling has a long deep tradition in Mexico, with some Luchadors dying in their mask. This isn't the case in the USA.

Masked wrestling has a long and storied history, especially in Mexico. Mexican Wrestling culture was built on the backs of masked luchadors like El Santo, Blue Demon, Mil Mascaras, and many others. In Mexico, Masked Luchadors are venerated figures who have sometimes died in their mask or passed down their mask and it's legacy to the next generation.

Masked wrestling in the United States also has a long history, however, the tradition isn't as significant as it is in Mexico. Wrestling promotions in America would often use masks as a way of introducing a new wrestler. Wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, and Daniel Bryan all got their starts wrestling under a mask.

Wrestling masks are also used by promotions in a variety of different ways, such as allowing a wrestler to pull "double duty", it is a way of bringing back a "fired" wrestler or a wrestler that lost a "loser leaves town" battle at the end of a heated rivalry between two top performers. Sometimes the disguise was used so the crowd wouldn't recognize which wrestler was under the mask and other times the mask did nothing to hide the identity of the wrestler bellow it and fans often yelled this fact despite it being obvious.

The following 5 wrestlers donned a mask for either WWE or WCW, despite their faces being well known. Some wrestled under masks after they quit the promotion, others were "fired" and used the mask to "hide their identity" while wrestling, and some wrestled as a way of coming back to wrestling. Each of the wrestlers used the mask temporarily and then abandoned the mask when it was no longer relevant to the story-line they originally donned it for.

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