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7 WWE Superstars in need of a fresh start

J. Carpenter
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Did you ever BO-lieve?

The current landscape of the WWE main roster is on unstable grounds. Ratings are sinking, attendance is down and the overall perception of the current product is certainly nothing to write home about.

Fans are very vocal about their dissatisfaction of WWE programming. The storylines are extremely underwhelming and the current main roster Superstars appear to be grossly mismanaged. With that said, you can point the blame in any direction you please, but at the end of the day, there is a desperate need for change.

Well, where do we start? One good place to begin is with the talent that is being held back. Several RAW and Smackdown Superstars are not in the position to utilise their true potential. There are plenty of guy and gals in the locker room who have a lot to offer, if only they were given a chance.

In this article, we take a look at seven WWE Superstars who would certainly benefit from a fresh start. Heres a look at seven main roster stars who deserve better.

#7 Bayley

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Bayley has endured a miserable time lately

Once upon a time, not too long ago, Bayley was on top of the NXT world and primed for what appeared would certainly be a promising run on the WWE main roster. Granted, Bayley, did in fact, capture the RAW Women's Championship, but that reign itself was nothing to write home about.

"The Huggable One" made her main roster debut at the 2016 Battleground pay-per-view as Sasha Banks' mystery partner. Her initial reception was fantastic, and the fans did and still do adore her.

But for whatever reason, someone with more creative powers than me decided to reel Bayley in, it appeared. It seemed as if they were trying to change her into a character which was a lot less... well, huggable.

Bayley has had trouble with a nagging shoulder injury back in late July of this year. In fact, she was on the shelf for a couple of months as a result. However, she has since returned and it doesn't appear that she will be getting much title contention love if you will.

One can only hope that instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, the powers-that-be will allow Bayley to be Bayley and then everything else, including her legion of Huggers will fall right back into place.

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