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7 WWE Superstars who might be looking into options outside of the company

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A report came out from the Wrestling Observer and several news outlets last week claimed that some current WWE Superstars were 'considering options outside of the company.' The report came on the heels of the success of the first PPV put on by All Elite Wrestling, Double or Nothing.

Some stars who aren't happy with their place in the company have likely had enough of not being used or fear that they are missing out on the boom in the business. Opportunities are much greater in the professional wrestling business today than they were ten years ago.

There are many reputable promotions - Ring of Honor, New Japan, Major League Wrestling, Evolve. Several independent stars, including the Young Bucks, have made enough money on the independent scene, thus negating the need to have to sign with the WWE.

Opportunities have also grown for women in the business as they have been treated a lot better now than they were 15-20 years ago. Several female-only promotions also exist like Shine, Shimmer, Rise, Stardom and WOW.

With the ability to prosper outside of a company like the WWE, many stars currently signed to the juggernaut might be biding their time until their contracts expire. WWE can only feature so many wrestlers per week on Raw and SmackDown, but Superstars aren't all featured equally.

The main stars like Roman Reigns and Kofi Kingston have been featured on both shows due to the Wildcard Rule. While it might have been instituted in order to increase the ratings, it has actually hurt more of the roster than it has helped.

Since a good portion of the roster might be unhappy with their spots in the company, here are 7 wrestlers who might be considering their options outside of the WWE. The duo of Mike and Maria Kanellis aren't featured here because their contracts will expire shortly and they are likely to leave.

Luke Harper

Time away from a team hasn't been kind to Luke Harper.
Time away from a team hasn't been kind to Luke Harper.

One Superstar who has actually asked for his release from the company is Luke Harper. While he did enjoy some success as both a member of the Wyatt Family and as a member of the Bludgeon Brothers, he hasn't had much as a singles star.


He did have a brief run as Intercontinental Champion a few years ago, but Harper has never been pushed as a singles competitor. Much of last year and the beginning of this year was spent recovering from injury and once he was healthy but not being used, he decided to ask for his release.

It was denied and he is currently sitting at home until he is either released or the WWE decides to use him. Harper has been around the business for over a decade, so if he isn't being used, him asking to be let go isn't a big surprise.

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