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8 biggest botches from WWE Survivor Series 2017

Watch Brock Lesnar and AJ Styles botch a tornado DDT!

AJ Styles was in pain after a couple of botches involving Brock Lesnar.
AJ Styles was in pain after a couple of botches involving Brock Lesnar.

Survivor Series is one of the Big 4 annual WWE pay-per-views, made super special by its four-hour main broadcast. If you're a glutton for punishment, you maybe even tuned in to the two hours of pre-show to take up a full one-fourth of your day in front of the screen watching wrestling. It was at times a long and arduous show, so congratulations on making it through the whole night. Now it's time to process the night that was.

To be expected, there were the expected highs of the night, including many fun faceoffs in the main event as well as AJ Styles' performance in his match versus Brock Lesnar. Also to be expected were the many lows of the night, which we affectionately refer to as botches.

These moments included the confusing elimination of Alicia Fox, the not-so-spinny Tornado DDT against the Universal Champion, and an unsuccessful cannonball off the turnbuckle against Braun Strowman.

All of those moments and more lie ahead, to forever live in infamy. Let's relive them all together.

#8 Kalisto's entrance

Oh dear, Kalisto.

This former Cruiserweight Champion doesn't have the most stellar reputation when it comes to botches, so this entrance doesn't exactly help him clear his name. On the way to the ring during the kickoff off, he did his usual run then flippy jump off of the trampoline. He had slightly more difficulty on this occasion than usual.

There Kalisto was, with his belly seemingly frozen to the top rope. He eventually rebounded as if we were all simply experiencing a glitch in the matrix. Enzo Amore then went on to defeat him with the Cruiserweight Championship on the line, effectively eliminating him from contention.

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