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8 of WWE's most surprising decisions in 2018

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2.62K   //    07 Dec 2018, 14:00 IST

What other shocking decisions you felt WWE took this year?
What other shocking decisions you felt WWE took this year?

The WWE creative team have not had the best year, as their booking of storylines, superstars and their marquee flagship show of Raw has not pleased fans and critics. Even though this year has been full of ups and downs for the WWE, there hasn’t been a shortage of drama in the ring or backstage.

Those dramatic moments made for some shocking television throughout the entire year, as this year was filled with surprises and it seems like that was part of the company’s plan to keep their fans engaged. While some decisions were just plain terrible, others were genius on the company’s part, so let’s look to the most shocking decisions WWE made in 2018. 

#1 Asuka's streak is broken

Asuka was set to run the women's division until she lost at Wrestlemania.
Asuka was set to run the women's division until she lost at Wrestlemania.

Asuka was one of the most important superstars to ever step foot in NXT. She was a wrestler like no other; hard strikes and vicious beatdowns on her opponents was Asuka's wrestling game. As she was a superstar that would destroy her opponents before putting them down for the count while in NXT.

Along with her excellent wrestling skills, Asuka showed a lot of unique charisma that made her a huge asset to the future of women’s wrestling in the company. But that all ended when Charlotte made her tap out in quick fashion at Wrestlemania 34, while Asuka vs Charlotte was great, it was shocking to see Charlotte break Asukas streak after so many better competitors tried and failed. Asuka has never been the same ever since and it is a moment WWE would want to forget. 

#2 No plans for NXT standouts

From Sanity to Andrade
From Sanity to Andrade "Cien" Almas WWE wasted top talent this year.

NXT has been the breeding ground for WWE’s future main event stars, as World Champion’s such as Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt have all went through the NXT system to get to the pinnacle of their success, as these wrestlers developed their characters down in NXT before being brought up to the main roster with a purpose for them.

But it seems like instead of bringing talent up with a purpose WWE just calls up NXT talent with no goal for them to reach, as more and more NXT standouts are being wasted on Raw and Smackdown Live.

And this was never more apparent WWE brought Andrade "Cien" Almas, Sanity and the Authors of Pain to the main roster just to have them stay in the background for so long, and while AOP is finally being used, Almas and Sanity still have no momentum on Smackdown Live. Hopefully, WWE could devise plans for these superstars before they ruin their careers on the main rosters.

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