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8 Professional Wrestling deaths in 2016

Our tribute to the wrestlers that we lost over the past year.

2016 took away some of our most beloved wrestling legends

Many have described 2016 as a truly cursed year. We lost icons from the entertainment world such as Carrie Fisher, David Bowie, Prince, George Michael... the list goes on and on.

The cruel hand that touched 2016 was felt in the world of sports entertainment as well. Many unfortunate superstars left the planet before it was their time to go. Here is our tribute to 8 men and women who were claimed by the year 2016. Their mortal vessels may be gone, but their memories live on.  

#8 Kris Travis

Sadly, the youngest wrestler in this list

Cancer takes even the best of them, doesn't it? Kris Travis never wrestled for the bigger wrestling promotions but was a renowned name in the British independent circuit. Kris Travis and Martin Kirby won many accolades as a tag team, and it seemed like his career would take off to new heights, until his stomach cancer diagnosis.

In 2015, it was announced that Travis has beaten cancer and was back in the ring. There was no stopping him as a singles star, as he defeated his partner Martin Kirby and Marty Scurll.  But cancer returned and claimed Travis in March 2016.  

At NXT Takeover: Dallas, Finn Balor painted Travis' signature stars and heart symbols on his body. Noam Dar also dedicated his Cruiserweight Classic qualifying match to Travis.

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