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8 real life backstage fights in the WWE

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Backstage fights are televised, but sometimes actual backstage fights happen

Placing large testosterone-infused wrestlers in close quarters for almost a year is bound to cause unscripted consequences. In a world of plots, rivalries and strange storylines, real altercations backstage are usually underplayed or utilised as part of the story.

However, the tale behind such confrontations hits levels of entertainment that arguably exceed the WWE’s regular scripted programming. It’s no surprise that there have been countless reports of superstars going at each other’s throats, but the reasons behind these unsanctioned mini-bouts and their victors are worth noting. 

These are eight notable real-life altercations and their winners: 

#8 Sheamus Vs Yoshi Tatsu:

Backstage, things are different!

Reportedly, Sheamus, Yoshi Tatsu and Ted Dibiase lived together in an apartment while training and working for FCW. The altercation began when Tatsu confronted Sheamus for returning a protein shaker/blender without cleaning it.

Sheamus had a repeated habit of doing so, and on being confronted, the Irishman took offence and threw the shaker at Tatsu, who caught it. Sheamus then challenged the Japanese wrestler who was formerly a boxer, to a fight. Unbeknownst to him, Tatsu had been trained to fight in the New Japan dojo in his early days.

Tatsu proceeded to ‘slap the sh*t’ out of him’ according to Konnan. As per the coverage of allwrestlingnews, Konnan says that the fight was about Sheamus owing money and the protein shaker was a merely a catalyst.

Regardless of which version of the story is true, both have the same man winning the brawl- Yoshi Tatsu.

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