8 WWE Superstars Who Failed To Live Up to The Hype
Rusev is one of those superstars who failed to live up to the Hype
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The most probable reason for the Pro-Wrestling becoming famous in the past decade is Vince McMahon. He is the one who built all of this brick-by-brick with the help of some superstars.

Not every superstar can find them at the top spot of WWE. Some superstars here get heavily successful and some others really don't. The probable for this maybe is their gimmick or their limited in-ring and on-the-mic skills.

When superstars make their debut in WWE most of them are seen as future stars but as the time goes they start to fall down to the ground, failing to live up to the hype. This may be because of the heavy schedule they are dealing with 24/7 or injury issues or maybe just because of some other unknown reasons.

#8 Zack Ryder
Zack Ryder is the perfect example for this feature.

Former I.C Champion Zack Ryder has a run to forget after being with the company for a long time now. His highest time in the WWE was when he won the I.C Championship back at WrestleMania 32 but this win of him also didn't guarantee him to rise as the main star.

After this, he was seen wrestling in some Live Events. Zack Ryder now only shows up in the taping of Main-Event only. Also, he has his own show on YouTube now.

#7-6 The Vaudevillians

Related image
Simon Gotch and Aiden English as The Vaudevillians

Aiden English and Simon Gotch also suffered the same fate as The Ascension did. They were also a top tag team in the NXT and seen as future stars.

Soon their fortunes turned around when they were called up to the main roster which resulted in Simon Gotch release. After this, Aiden was just involved in some mid-card feuds. Also, his pairing with Rusev as a team didn't have done much for him if you ask me honestly.


#5 Chad Gable
Chad Gable is now teaming up with Bobby Roode

Chad Gable had a great run with the WWE when he was paired with Jason Jordan as a team American Alpha. But soon after they made their debut to the main roster their run as a team was ended when Jason moved to Raw to involve in a storyline with Kurt Angle and started his career as a single' competitor.

Soon after this, Gable saw a fall of himself from the upper card to the lower card as he was barely seen on the WWE T.V. But the things might change for him now as he has now moved on to the Raw roster where he is paired with Bobby Roode. Also, he's now rumored to receive a push following his break-up with Bobby Roode.


#4-3 The Ascension

Image result for the ascension wwe
The Ascension is now performing on Raw

The Ascension is one of those teams who had a successful run on NXT but failed to create much of an impact on the main roster. Since the day they made their main-roster debut, they are not been booked very well. Most of you will probably find hard to realize if they are currently performing on Raw or SmackDown Live.

I guess, probably because of lacking what a tag team needs they never became The Tag Team Guys, which they should have. Due to this they were never really seen in upper card and failed to live up to the hype.

#2 Dolph Ziggler
Dolph Ziggler is current Raw Tag-Team Champion

Former I.C champion, Dolph Ziggler is having a decent run on the main roster now after being featured to the lower card and becoming completely irrelevant. The case with Dolph Ziggler is believed, he never really reached to his full potential and emerged as a true main eventer which he should have over the past years.

I guess, the things with Ziggler now might change as he is now paired up with Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman in a feud with The Shield.


#1 Rusev
Rusev is currently the most underrated superstars on both rosters.

Luckily "Rusev Day" chants are shouting out of every arena roofs which is doing some good for "The Bulgarian Brute" otherwise he won't be featuring in the higher card like he's now which is obviously getting him more screentime now ever than before.

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But I hardly believe the same would be continuing as Rusev Day has finally broken this past week on SmackDown Live after Aiden English attacked Rusev. And there are not many opponents on the blue brand for him (except Shinsuke Nakamura) as he is a babyface now.

After Rusev's debut on the main roster, his most notable feuds are with John Cena and Roman Reigns.

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