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9 Superstars who surprisingly returned to the WWE

  • Here are the top 9 superstars that left the WWE on bad terms, only to return to the company.
Edan Nissen
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 21:23 IST

Hulk Hogan is a legend of the WWE but has quit or been fired several times only to return again
Hulk Hogan is a legend of the WWE but has quit or been fired several times only to return again

The WWE has been the biggest player in the wrestling game for decades, and during that time, many talents have walked through the doors of Titan towers, and just as many have walked out of the promotion with a sour taste in their mouth. Since WWE purchased WCW, killing off their biggest competitor WWE has been the last remaining large scale wrestling organization to operate in the United States. Whereas, decades prior there were several large promotions operating in the United States with each having their own designated turf or territory.

With the rise of Ring of Honor and the invasion of New Japan Pro Wrestling to American shores, as well as the creation of All Elite Wrestling after the success of All In, the days of WWE being a hegemonic superpower in wrestling may be coming to an end. With many superstars looking to leave WWE to join other promotions, and the growing opportunities for wrestlers to make their names and earn a decent paycheck on the independent scene.

Many wrestlers have left the WWE with a bitter taste in their mouth, often swearing that they will never return to the company, or that the company refuses to take them back due to the bad blood. However, while some wrestler like Cody Rhodes and CM Punk who have managed to make a name for themselves outside of the WWE maintain that they won't return, there are plenty of wrestlers who returned to the WWE despite the historical issues that have occurred between themselves and the company.

Despite tension existing between the company and certain former talents, either on the superstar's end or on the companies end, many who promised they wouldn't come back and many who believed that the company had blackballed them for life have returned to the company, and back into Vince McMahon's open arms.

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Published 01 Mar 2019, 18:40 IST
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