A look at all the Indian stars in the history of WWE

There have been some major Indian success stories in the WWE
There have been some major Indian success stories in the WWE
Akash Cillanki

Professional wrestling is one of the India's most popular imports in terms of foreign entertainment and the WWE is riding high on that wave - with a popularity that has been unmatched over the past few years. After all, that's why the WWE will be coming to India for a tour in December.

One of the reasons for this is the multitude of Indian wrestlers who have plied their trade in the biggest professional wrestling promotion in the world. While we have the likes of Jinder Mahal winning the WWE Championship, there have always been some interesting Indian Superstars making a name for themselves in the WWE.

So, without any further ado, let's get into our list of the all the Indian stars in the history of the WWE:

#6 Gama Singh

The first to get to the WWE was Gama Singh
The first to get to the WWE was Gama Singh

The first person of Indian heritage to ever sign with the WWE came way back in the 1980s and he went by the name of Gama Singh. Singh was an Indo-Canadian wrestler who made a name for himself with Stampede Wrestling -- a promotion that was bought by Vince McMahon.

He enjoyed a short stint in the company, mainly working on House Shows. His biggest claim to fame, though, is that he is the uncle and original trainer of Jinder Mahal.

#5 Tiger Ali Singh

A part of the Attitude Era
A part of the Attitude Era

The first Indian to gain some sort of prominence in the WWE was Tiger Ali Singh -- who worked for the WWE between 1997 and 2002. He is the son of legendary Indian wrestler, Tiger Jeet Singh and is also an Indo-Canadian.

Singh's most notable gimmick was that of a rich and entitled heir and he was predominantly used as a foreign heel lower down in the match card. He also played the role of a manager for a short period before being released from his contract in 2002.

#4 The Great Khali

Khali became the first Indian to win a World Championship
Khali became the first Indian to win a World Championship

The first person on this list to be an Indian by nationality and not just heritage, The Great Khali burst onto the scene in 2006 and went on to become the most famous Indian wrestler in the history of the company.

The Punjabi Giant won a World Heavyweight Championship and engaged in a number of high-profile feuds against the likes of The Undertaker, Batista, and even Triple H.

We last saw Khali make an unexpected return earlier this year to help Jinder Mahal retain his WWE Championship against Randy Orton.

#3 Jinder Mahal

The first-ever WWE Champion of Indian descent
The first-ever WWE Champion of Indian descent

And speaking of Jinder Mahal, the Modern Day Maharaja comes in at Number 3 on this list. He is the first and only person of India descent to have won a WWE Championship when he defeated Randy Orton at Backlash earlier this year.

Mahal would hold onto the belt for a prolonged period of time before losing it to AJ Styles in the build-up to WWE Survivor Series 2017, and he will be looking at winning it back in the upcoming weeks.

#2 The Singh Brothers

They ha
They have been instrumental to Mahal's success

Two other Indo-Canadian wrestlers who have been making waves in the WWE are the Singh Brothers. Samir and Sunil were originally part of NXT and 205 Live but were soon drafted over to Smackdown Live to align with Jinder Mahal.

While the two haven't been wrestling much of late, they have been instrumental in ensuring the success of the Modern Day Maharaja. One would imagine that they will soon get some opportunities of their own.

#1 Kavita Devi


Finally, we come to latest Indian wrestler to have signed with the WWE and the first-ever Indian woman to get a chance in the biggest wrestling promotion in the world - Kavita Devi.

She was originally trained by The Great Khali and even performed in the Mae Young Classic tournament a few months ago. Devi will start training full-time in the WWE Performance Centre from January 2018.

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