Opinion: Paul Heyman should debut Lars Sullivan as his new monster after WrestleMania

When will Sullivan make his debut on the main roster?
When will Sullivan make his debut on the main roster?
Matthew Serocki

Ever since Lars Sullivan has been out of action and away from WWE to deal with his panic attack, it's left some people wondering a few things. Is WWE still planning on treating like a big deal? And just when will he debut on the main roster after being hyped to do so at the beginning of 2019?

Despite not winning a title in NXT, Sullivan was treated like a big deal. He challenged Aleister Black for the NXT Championship and was in the ladder match to crown the first-ever NXT North American Championship.

Sometimes when a star doesn't necessarily experience title success in NXT, it doesn't mean the same thing on the main roster.

One example is Elias. He was once booed and told to 'drift away' by the crowd at Full Sail University. And now? He is still routinely loudly cheered in every arena even if he is trashing the local sports teams.

Paul Heyman would be a perfect person to help Sullivan both in front of the WWE Universe and backstage. He's done so with Ronda Rousey and her promos, and despite her often rushed delivery, she usually makes her point.

Sullivan might have anxiety issues and pairing him with one of the best minds in wrestling history could do wonders for his confidence and anxiety. Heyman can guide him slowly backstage and speak for him if he is uncomfortable doing so.

Things should be changing greatly after WrestleMania, including Brock Lesnar losing (HOPEFULLY) the Universal Championship to Seth Rollins.

When and if he does lose the title, he will likely start renegotiating (if he hasn't already) for a new deal with WWE and take his usual 'post WrestleMania hiatus'. Since Lesnar will be off doing Brock Lesnar things, Heyman should be given another superstar to get over.

Heyman is usually magic on the mic when he has to sell a feud, but things have gotten stale over the last two years with Lesnar's reigns. Having another different beast or monster to focus on would allow Heyman to cut different promos about a different monster or freak, thus freshening up his act as well.

Sullivan would be a huge threat right away because of his size and strength, and pairing him with Heyman would only increase that.

And what better night to debut him (if he's ready) than the night after WrestleMania? Superstars have either returned or debuted on the following Raw and SmackDown episodes over the past few years.

Bobby Lashley returned last year and Lesnar himself did so in 2012 when he attacked John Cena.

To maximize Sullivan's debut since it has been greatly postponed due to unforeseen issues, a debut on Raw the night after 'Mania as Paul Heyman's new monster will set both he and WWE up with a huge new threat heading into the second half of 2019.

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