Acey Romero on Tessa Blanchard potentially becoming Impact Wrestling World Champion- 'News headlines would go crazy' (Exclusive)

Acey Romero is now a part of the Impact Wrestling roster
Acey Romero is now a part of the Impact Wrestling roster

I had a chance to catch up with Impact Wrestling's newest Superstar, Acey Romero, as part of the Press Pass podcast recently. You may remember the man and his crazy, death-defying spot from Bound For Glory.

The man is absolutely ecstatic to be a part of the roster and mix it up with the likes of both male and female stars in the ring. I had a chance to ask him a sum total of three questions and it was clear from the very start that he's a nice, pleasant man!

When you were on top of the ladder at Bound For Glory, what thoughts crossed your mind? Also, is it necessary to do a spot of that nature to make a name for yourself in the business?

Acey Romero: You've seen the lights come into the ring, right? You can't really see when you're in the ring. You can't really see the fans. Once you get to about eight feet, ten you're above the lights. I could see the entire arena stand up. It was like a weird energy. I felt the silence.

It's my debut. Bound for Glory. It's the biggest night of the year. You've got to take some risks. You've got to make people talk. Obviously, people are talking about it. That is a good thing!

What do you think of Tessa Blanchard becoming the next Impact Wrestling World Champion?

Acey Romero: I think it would be history making. It would be the first time ever. I think news headlines would go crazy over it. If there was, right now, as we stand today, a female wrestler to do it, I think it would be Tessa Blanchard.

You also share your name with Ace Austin. Is there the potential for a feud, in that sense, with him?

Acey Romero: (laughs) There can only be one true Ace. You never know. Time will tell I guess!

Indian fans can watch Acey Romero every week on SONY ESPN!

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