Adam Pearce needs to trade WWE Superstar with SmackDown immediately to save RAW

Adam Pearce is the General Manager of Monday Night RAW
Adam Pearce is the current General Manager of RAW. [Image credits:]

WWE Superstar Bron Breakker has been wreaking havoc on Monday Night RAW for the past few weeks, putting General Manager Adam Pearce in a difficult position. He has been going rogue and attacking superstars both in the ring and backstage as well.

Last week, Bron brutally attacked Kale Dixon, hitting him in the head with steel steps after their match. He then delivered a devastating Spear to Ricochet through an equipment case backstage.

In response, Pearce suspended Bron for this week's episode of RAW. However, the suspension did not stop The Big Bad Booty Nephew in any manner. During a singles match between Ricochet and Ilja Dragunov, the former NXT Champion appeared out of nowhere and hit both competitors with a Spear, laying them out.


Adam Pearce was furious by this and he came out to the ring and gave Bron an earful. With him not following orders and showing up on RAW despite the suspension, Pearce needs to make a decisive move to re-establish his authority. He must negotiate a trade deal with Nick Aldis and send Bron Breakker to SmackDown.

Adam Pearce needs to protect the superstars on WWE RAW


Bron Breakker is a once-in-a-generation athlete and is widely regarded as a future WWE Champion. However, his immense talent does not excuse his recent actions.

His unwarranted attacks on stars such as Kale Dixon, Ricochet, and Ilja Dragunov have put General Manager Adam Pearce in a difficult position. To ensure the well-being of the RAW roster and maintain order, Pearce needs to decide to send Bron to SmackDown.

Nick Aldis has a good working relationship with Bron Breakker


Before Bron Breakker was drafted to RAW, he was initially signed by Nick Aldis to SmackDown earlier this year. Having Aldis take Bron back to the blue brand might be the perfect solution for all parties involved.

One of the main reasons why Bron Breakker has snapped in recent weeks is because Adam Pearce did not include him in the 2024 King of the Ring tournament. Aldis could avoid making this mistake by giving Bron what he wants, potentially offering him a title shot. This move would not only address Bron's frustrations but also restore order on WWE RAW.

Bron Breakker needs a fresh start

Bron Breakker is a two-time NXT Champion.
Bron Breakker is a two-time NXT Champion.

Bron Breakker has accomplished everything possible in NXT, thus making his call-up to WWE's main roster worthy. Many consider him the future face of the Stamford-based company.

To ensure he does not squander his talent and opportunity, Bron needs to address the chaotic start he has had on RAW. A change of scenery might be the right step to get back on track and mend relationships with upper management.