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AEW Dark Results - Big teaser from Jake Roberts, Billy Gunn has an awkward moment and more (18th August 2020)

Jake 'The Snake' Roberts teasing the DDT, Billy tries to hug Aubrey Edwards.
Modified 19 Aug 2020

Tony Schiavone, Taz, and Veda Scott welcomed the fans to the latest episode of AEW Dark, which was stacked with 11 matches and headlined by a massive 8-man tag team showdown.

Today's AEW Dark had a little bit of everything. New stars got the spotlight to shine while the established ones were given opportunities to look even stronger. There were a couple of squash matches as well on AEW Dark.

There were also some other moments that managed to grab our attention on AEW Dark, which included Jake 'The Snake' Roberts' teaser and the awkward moment between Billy and Aubrey Edwards.

On that note, let's take a look at the results and highlights of the latest AEW Dark episode:

#1. Michael Nakazawa vs. 'Superbad' Kip Sabian (w/ Penelope Ford)

Sabian kicked off the first match on AEW Dark with an armbar on Nakazawa, who managed to take Kip down before oiling him up. Back on the feet, Nakazawa put some oil on his chest and invited a few chops. Sabian picked up the pace with a dropkick followed by a moonsault over the top rope on Nakazawa.

Sabian was firmly in control as he kicked his opponent square in the chest. Nakazawa got in a smooth flip spear for a two-count. He followed it up with a back suplex. He got out the raspberry thong, and Penelope Ford called for her man to get back on his feet to avoid the humiliation.

Sabian resisted Nakazawa's attempt at shoving the thong in his mouth and it ended up in Nakazawa's face instead. Sabian hit his finisher on Nakazawa for the win. This was a fun match to kick off the latest episode of AEW Dark.


Result: Kip Sabian def. Michael Nakazawa

#2. Shawn Dean & Frank Stone vs. Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela

Stone and Janela got the match underway. Stone got his level taken out with a dropkick to the knee. Dean came in and got caught in the side headlock.

Sonny Kiss came in and got Dean to the mat with the double knees. Janela got back into the action, but he got caught in his opponents' corner. Dean hit a big vertical suplex. Dean and Stone frequently tagged and cut the ring in half. Quintessential tag team wrestling right there!

Dean and Stone hit an elbow side-slam double team combo on Janela for a two-count. The tags continued to happen as the cohesiveness of the team was all there to be seen. Janela snapped off a double DDT attempt. He went up to the top rope and hit the double axe handle.


Kiss got the hot tag and executed a flurry of moves. Sonny went for the Split Leg Drop from the top rope, but Dean moved out of the way. Stone got tagged in, and they hit a neck breaker-fallaway slam combo for a near fall. Janela hit Stone out of the picture with a massive superkick.

Janela hit the elbow drop on Dean, which was followed by a Split Leg Drop for the three-count on AEW Dark.

Result: Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela def. Shawn Dean & Frank Stone

#3. Will Hobbs vs. Shawn Spears (w/ Tully Blanchard)

Will Hobbs looked like an absolute tank as he locked up with Spears. Spears transitioned to a side headlock with a wide vertical base.

As stated, Hobbs is a tank, and Spears found is difficult to get his opponent down with the shoulder block. Spears isolated Hobbs in the corner. He took some notes from Tully before getting back in and taking Hobbs down.

Spears unleashed a series of chops on Hobbs in the corner. The forearm strikes followed. Spears then began to attack Hobbs' hamstring and knee. Spears talked trash, but it all ended with a massive spinebuster. Hobbs' injured knee delayed the pinfall attempt, and Spears kicked out at two. Spears hit the Death Valley Driver to pick up his 10th win in AEW.


Spears attacked Hobbs' left leg after the match by slamming it into the steel ring post. Spears knocked Hobbs out with a left to the head to end the post-match segment on AEW Dark.

Result: Shawn Spears def. Will Hobbs

Ricky Starks cut a brilliant backstage promo before the next match on AEW Dark.

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Published 19 Aug 2020, 07:09 IST
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