AEW Dark Results - Big teaser from Jake Roberts, Billy Gunn has an awkward moment and more (18th August 2020)

Modified 19 Aug 2020

#4. The Hybrid2 vs. The Initiative

Avalon and Angelico tried to outmaneuver each other, and it all ended in a stalemate before Evans and Cutler got tagged in.

Both men went back-and-forth with the pinfalls. The counter wrestling sequences were pretty impressive as we'd lost count of the number of pinfalls. Cutler got the last laugh with a face plant on Evans. Avalon came in, and they hit the double splash on Evans, who then got laid out with a suplex.

Avalon drop kicked Evans to the outside. Peter brought Leva Bates' book into the equation, but he chose not to use it. Angelico picked it up and slammed it into Avalon's back when the referee was distracted. The Hybrid2 were all over Avalon. A Leva Bates distraction helped Avalon to make the hot tag to Cutler.

The next few minutes of the match were fast and furious as there were big moves, swift exchanges, and excellent athleticism on display. Leva Bates even got in a Hurricanerana on Evans on the outside.

The finish of the match saw Evans hit the 630° senton for the win.

Result: The Hybrid2 def. The Initiative

#5. Red Velvet vs. Abadon

Abadon's bone-chilling entrance was a thing to behold. Red Velvet got some decent amount of offense in, but Abadon seemed unfazed.

Abadon sadistically slammed Red Velvet's hand on the apron. Back in the ring, Abadon sent Velvet's face driving into the mat. She got her up, but Velvet was just playing possum as she tried to take Abadon down.

Velvet put up a good fight, but Abadon hit her finisher for the three-count.

Result: Abadon def. Red Velvet

#6. John Silver, Alex Reynolds & Colt Cabana vs. D3, RYZIN & Faboo Andre

The match began with Faboo Andre getting outwrestled by Colt Cabana. The Dark Order members overcame a brief onslaught to get the control. They punished D3.

Cabana confidently tagged himself in and elbowed all three of his opponents. He slammed into D3 in the corner. A wobbly D3 was set up for the finisher, and Silver & Reynolds spiked his head into the mat with their double team move for the win.

Result: John Silver, Alex Reynolds & Colt Cabana def. D3, RYZIN & Faboo Andre

#7. Ricky Starks vs. Lee Johnson

Johnson and Starks had a predictably fast-paced start to the match as they exchanged big dropkicks. The match settled down, and Starks was hammering on his opponent.

Starks took a shot at Darby Allin with a coffin drop on Johnson. Lee mounted a comeback with a few strikes and a European uppercut. He hit the cutter and took the fight to Starks.

Johnson then delivered the springboard missile dropkick, which got a very near fall. Johnson went up to the top rope, but he wasted way too much time, and Starks took his feet out. Starks planted Johnson into the mat with his finisher, The Arms Of Orion.

Result: Ricky Starks def. Lee Johnson

Wardlow came to the ring after the match and handed Johnson a badge of MJF's campaign. 

Published 19 Aug 2020
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