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AEW Dark Results - Hager brutalises Marko Stunt, Vickie Guerrero & Nyla Rose get a team name and more (25th August 2020)

Tonight's edition of AEW Dark saw a huge card of 13 matches
Modified 26 Aug 2020
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Opening tonight's AEW Dark, Tony Schiavone, Taz, and Veda Scott welcomed the fans to the show, which was stacked with 13 matches and headlined by a tag team showdown between Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss vs The Hybrid2.

Tonight's edition of AEW Dark saw a multitude of different matches across a variety of divisions. As always, there were a couple of squash matches tonight on AEW Dark, along with some matches that saw further character development.

On that note, let's take a look at the results and highlights of the latest AEW Dark episode:

#1. Storm Thomas & Demetri Jackson vs. Best Friends (w/ Orange Cassidy)

Storm Thomas and Demetri Jackson made their AEW debuts tonight on AEW Dark. Storm Thomas and Chuck Taylor started the match off before both men tagged in their respective partners to face off against each other.

Trent hit a version of a Northern Lights suplex with Jackson's feet draped over the top rope. However, Jackson nearly had an incredibly dangerous landing, only millimetres away from landing on the top of his head.

Jackson was able to recover though and, along with Storm Thomas, the AEW Dark debutants attempt to work over Chuck Taylor.

Chuckie T made the tag to Trent. Trent hits a saido suplex onto Storm Thomas followed by a tornado DDT onto Jackson. Trent continued the offence with a spear to Jackson on the outside followed by a running knee strike inside of the ring.


Pillow package piledriver by Trent to Demetri Jackson which was then emphasised by a second piledriver by Chuck Taylor to Jackson for the victory.

Result: Best Friends def. Storm Thomas & Demetri Jackson

#2. Shawn Spears vs. Jessy Sorensen (w/ Tully Blanchard)

Shawn Spears started the match with a headlock takeover to Sorensen. Spears then followed this up by a Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat style deep arm drag.

Sorensen attempted to work over the arm of Spears, but this only frustrated Shawn Spears who unleashed some vicious chops. Sorensen recovered though, hitting a dropkick. This caused Shawn Spears to take some time outside of the ring to discuss tactics with his coach, Tully Blanchard.

Shawn Spears regained control, telegraphing Sorensen and hitting a dropkick of his own. Spears then focused his attack on the surgically repaired neck of Jessy Sorensen. Shawn Spears hit several strikes to the neck and a backdrop onto the ring apron.


Surprise jackknife cover by Sorensen for a two count. Jessy then hit a reverse cutter style neck-breaker on Spears. However, Spears managed to recover and hit the Death Valley Driver for the victory on AEW Dark.

Result: Shawn Spears def. Jessy Sorensen

Post-match: Tully Blanchard gave Shawn Spears a foreign object to place into the loaded black glove. Shawn Spears then stuck Jessy Sorensen in the back of the neck with the loaded glove before leaving with Tully Blanchard.

#3. Mel vs. Red Velvet

Mel stalked and cornered Red Velvet to begin the match. However, Red Velvet managed to get in an early flurry of strikes and kicks to Mel.

But, the early flurry is stopped in its tracks as Mel hit a big side slam. Mel then began to throw Red Velvet around the ring by her hair like a rag doll.

Mel went for the chokeslam but Red Velvet attempted to counter into a bulldog, but it turned into more of a jawbreaker.

Red Velvet went up to the top rope, but Mel caught her and hit a chokeslam sit-out style finisher for the victory on AEW Dark.

Result: Mel def. Red Velvet

We then see a commercial for AEW Heels, narrated by Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes.

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Published 26 Aug 2020, 09:10 IST
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