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AEW Dark Results: Ricky Starks main events as Team Taz dominates (8th September 2020)

Modified 09 Sep 2020, 07:19 IST
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#4 Skyler Moore vs Anna Jay (w/ The Dark Order)

In our next match on AEW Dark, Anna Jay started the match with aggression and drove Moore's head into the turnbuckles around the ring.

Skylar Moore hit a slam on Anna Jay but Anna Jay quickly left the ring to compose herself. This proved beneficial for Anna Jay who quickly regained control and struck Skylar Moore with a Jay kick in the corner.

Anna Jay raked the nails down the back of Moore in the corner. Jay then locked in a rear-naked choke for the submission victory on AEW Dark.

Result: Anna Jay def. Skylar Moore

#5 Lee Johnson vs. Eddie Kingston

Next on AEW Dark, Lee Johnson began the match with a side headlock. However, Eddie Kingston quickly got out and hit Johnson with a T-Bone Suplex.


Eddie Kingston hit a vicious chop followed by stiff kicks to the skull of Johnson.

Lee Johnson got back into the match when he hit a springboard dropkick. Johnson then surprised Eddie Kingston with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count.

Eddie Kingston then turned it up a level and hit a brutal spinning back fist for the victory on AEW Dark

Result: Eddie Kingston def. Lee Johnson

Co-Main Event: #6 Sonny Kiss vs. Serpentico

Sonny Kiss began the match on AEW Dark with a series of flexible and athletic moves but was quickly cut off with a superkick by Serpentico.

Sonny Kiss struck Serpentico with a vicious rolling forearm but Serpentico turned the tide with a diving foot stomp to Sonny.

Sonny Kiss hit a series of axe kicks followed by a springboard split leg drop across the throat of Serpentico. The mind games continued with a handspring slap by Kiss.


Sonny attempted a moonsault but Serpentico rolled out of the way and spiked Kiss with a DDT for a near fall. Sonny Kiss hit a version of the Molly-go-round for the victory on AEW Dark.

Result: Sonny Kiss def. Serpentico

Main Event: #7 "Absolute" Ricky Starks vs. Ben Carter

Ricky Starks blew a kiss at Vickie Guerrero before the match began on AEW Dark. Ben Carter utilized some wrist control on Ricky Starks as the match began.

Ben Carter threw Ricky Starks into the ropes, tripping Starks in the process, and hit a beautiful Dropkick. However, Starks regained control stomped on the head of Carter.

Vickie Guerrero continued to cheer on Ricky Starks from behind the guardrail during the match. Ben Carter used a flurry of chops fight back against Starks, including a chop that struck Ricky Starks straight in the face.

However, it appeared to only anger Ricky Starks who delivered a Back Suplex to Carter. Ben Carter then nearly shocked Starks with a Schoolboy for a two count. This was followed by a frog splash for another close two count.

Ben Carter attempted a phoenix splash but Ricky Starks rolled out of the way. Starks then hit a Spear followed by the Roshambo for the victory on AEW Dark.

Result: "Absolute" Ricky Starks def. Ben Carter

Published 09 Sep 2020, 07:19 IST
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