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AEW Double or Nothing: Ranking each match from worst to best

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Modified 26 May 2019, 21:56 IST

Stakes raised!
Stakes raised!

AEW inaugural event, Double or Nothing, is now in the books, and it's safe to say that the event lived up to the hype and then some. Though there were some problems, most notably a few glaring production issues, the show was still a spectacular success. The upstart promotion needed to make a big impression, and it did just that, even exceeding high expectations.

Jon Moxley's (aka Dean Ambrose) debut was obviously the most noteworthy thing, but the card was solid and particularly built up steam in the second half.

9 matches made up this card, so which were the worst? Which the best? Let's take a look.

#9 The Young Bucks vs. The Lucha Bros

A self-indulgent spotfest that went on way too long.
A self-indulgent spotfest that went on way too long.

This will no doubt be controversial, but I simply hated this match.

That's not to say that the four guys weren't athletic as the day is long, delivering an action-packed pace. The problem was that there was just too much of it.

Towards the end of the contest, The Young Bucks and Lucha Bros were kicking out of double team jumping piledrivers repeatedly. It just rattled the entire narrative of the match, breaking any sense of realism or investment. It felt like an episode of Loony Tunes. Suspension of disbelief was broken entirely.

The fact that the match went on way too long for such a pace didn't help things either. Had this been 10 minutes shorter, it would have been a fun sprint with a less cartoonish ending, but it lingered far longer than it should have and threw out any coherence it had as a result.

A dud for me. If there is such a thing as trying to do too much, this match was it.


Fortunately, there were no other duds to be found on this card.

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Published 26 May 2019, 21:56 IST
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