AEW Dynamite Results: Cody almost gets destroyed inside a steel cage, huge title match

Cody faced Wardlow in AEW's first steel cage match
Cody faced Wardlow in AEW's first steel cage match

Tonight's historic episode of Dynamite saw Cody face Wardlow in the first-ever steel cage match in AEW history. We also saw Kenny Omega and Hangman Page defend the tag-team titles as well as a massive tag-team battle royale match.

Tag-Team Battle Royale (winners face the Tag-Team Champions at Revolution)

The teams were at ringside as the show began and rushed inside to start the show. Only Proud and Powerful and John Silver and Alex Reynolds didn't enter at this point. Jack Evans headed to the top rope early and landed on a sea of bodies who promptly threw out the TH2 member, eliminating him.

T-Hawk was the next man eliminated, taken out by Private Party. Silver and Reynolds chose this moment to storm the ring. The Dark Order spokesman appeared at ringside and addressed SCU, creating a distraction leading to Reynolds and Silver eliminating Kazarian and Scorpio Sky.

Trent and CIMA traded chops as Santana and Ortiz finally entered. After Luchasaurus eliminated CIMA. Nick Jackson looked in great touch in the early stages of the match. However, he was blindsided and eliminated by The Butcher. The Butcher and Luchasaus then squared off in the middle of the ring to a big pop.

Both men traded strikes as Santana eliminated Marc Quen. Santana and Ortiz then double-teamed his partner Isiah Kassidy and eliminated him too. Moments after this, Luchasaurus eliminated Angelico. Sammy Guevara intervened from ringside after this, pulling Jungle Boy's foot and eliminating him.

The Butcher and The Blade then blindsided Trent and Chuckie T, eliminating Chuck. Trent and Matt then eliminated The Blade before they unloaded on Santana, Ortiz and The Butcher.

It looked like Trent would get eliminated but Orange Cassidy appeared out of nowhere to save him. The Bunny then hit Cassidy with a low blow before The Butcher eliminated Trent. Matt Jackson then eliminated The Butcher with a Spear through the ropes while the Butcher was on the apron.

Against all odds, Jackson also eliminated Santana and Ortiz to win the match.

The Young Bucks win

Kris Statlander vs Shanna

Shanna made her return to AEW as she went one on one with Kris Statlander. The match ended up being a little slow in the beginning but did go on to pick up. Once again, Kris Statlander proved why she's a force to be reckoned with in the AEW women's division.

Shanna played her part but the match ended up being mostly dominated by Statlander. The Galaxy's favorite Alien looked in top form and could be a contender for the AEW Women's Championship in the future.

At one point in the match, both ladies went after each other's nose. The finish saw Shanna hit a double stomp only for Statlander to reply with The Big Bang Theory to leave with the win.

Kris Statlander def. Shanna

Nyla Rose addresses the fans

AEW Women's Champion Nyla Rose was interviewed by Tony Schiavone about her title win. Rose called out the fans for not giving her the reception a champion deserved before she promised to break everyone in the AEW Women's division.

Ariel Monroe and Kris Statlander then came out to confront Nyla Rose before security came out to keep control of what could have been a volatile situation.

Jon Moxley vs Jeff Cobb

Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle were at ringside for this match. Cobb and Moxley's fight spilled out to ringside soon after the match began. Inside the ring, Cobb dominated the early stages, clearly coming into the match in better shape than Moxley.

Back out to ringside, Cobb tossed Moxley into the crowd which gave Jericho an opening to get involved. Cobb then threw Moxley back into the ring and continued the punishment. Moxley wouldn't stay down and slapped Cobb across the face. Cobb took him back down with a right hand.

Moxley finally managed to take Cobb down and went right after Cobb's leg. It didn't keep him down for long as Cobb hit Mox with a massive suplex. Moxley continued going after Cobb's leg, forcing him to roll out of the ring. Moxley headed to the top rope and launched himself at Cobb who caught him in midair and suplexed him.

Cobb drilled Moxley with a nasty running uppercut in the middle of the ring before following it up with a vertical suplex from the top rope. Moxley managed to roll Cobb up right after the suplex for the 3-count.

Jon Moxley def. Jeff Cobb

The Inner Circle immediately attacked Moxley after the match. Dustin Rhodes came out to try and make the save but the numbers were too much.

The lights went out after this and Darby Allin made his return to AEW. Allin cleared the ring, forcing the Inner Circle to retreat.

Kenny Omega and Hangman Page (C) vs The Lucha Bros (for the AEW Tag-Team Championships)

Hangman Page and Fenix started the match off. Page started off great, taking Fenix down with a massive boot before tagging Omega in who followed up with a Kotaro Crusher. The champs dominated the early stages, trading tags. Omega and Page hit a nice combo of moonsaults to Fenix.

Fenix finally managed to make the tag as The Lucha Bros took control of the match. They isolated Kenny Omega and in JR's words, "beat him like a government mule". Pentagon caught him with a superkick before following it up with elbow strikes.

Omega and Page got back in it but not for long. Fenix caught Page with a cutter and Pentagon leapt off Page's back to hit Kenny Omega with a Canadian Destroyer. Pentagon went for the Package Piledriver on the apron but Omega reversed it. Fenix then took out Omega with a head scissors out to ringside before Page wiped him out with a Asai Moonsault.

Things well and truly broke down at this point as Page powerbombed Pentagon. Omega followed it up with a knee strike. Page then accidentally hit Omega with his Buckshot Lariat. Pentagon couldn't keep Omega down for the 3-count. Omega hit Fenix with a Tiger Driver 98 but this was just a nearfall.

Page tagged himself in after this as he and Omega hit Fenix with a Buckshot/V-Trigger combination to pick up the win.

Hangman Page and Kenny Omega def. The Lucha Bros

Cody vs Wardlow (Steel Cage match)

Cody faced Wardlow in the main event, in the first steel cage match in AEW history. Cody caught Wardlow with a boot to the head early but it was all Wardlow after that. Wardlow sent Cody head-first into the steel cage, busting him open. Mr. Mayhem followed it up with a powerbomb to Cody right into the steel cage.

Wardlow continued to manhandle Cody until he hit back with a vertical suplex. Cody followed it up with a springboard stunner. Wardlow caught Cody with a low blow, taking back control of the match. Arn Anderson, who was at ringside, then hit MJF in the face with the door of the steel cage.

Cody sent Wardlow face-first into the steel cage and followed it up with a powerslam for a near-fall. Cody made a mistake at this point, heading to the top rope. Wardlow lifted him up and launched him into the unforgiving cage.

It was Wardlow's turn to head to the top rope after this and he connected with his Swanton Bomb. Wardlow then took the Dynamite Diamond ring from MJF.

Cody stopped Wardlow in his tracks and hit him with the low blow. Cody then took the Dynamite Diamond ring and caught him in the face.

At ringside, MJF tried to climb the steel cage but Brandi Rhodes hit him with the steel chair. Arn Anderson then came and dumped MJF into the crowd.

Cody then hit the Cross Rhodes before heading to the top of the steel cage and hitting a moonsault to pin Wardlow.

Cody def. Wardlow

Cody will now face MJF at AEW Revolution in less than 2 weeks.