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AEW Full Gear Unsanctioned Match: Kenny Omega vs Jon Moxley, results, video highlights, and analysis 

Greg Bush
Modified 10 Nov 2019, 10:37 IST

To quote Jon Moxley
To quote Jon Moxley's wife, "WTF"

This has been a long time coming. Originally, Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega were meant to meet at All Out. However, due to a staph infection, Moxley was forced to miss the event. Since he's been back, though, he's been wreaking havoc on the Best Bout Machine.

Omega has been attacked with barbed wire, steel chairs, and sent through a glass table with a Paradigm Shift. After months of these two men jumping each other every chance they had, they finally faced off. Sadly, the winner wouldn't move up in any rankings, as this was made an unsanctioned match by AEW President Tony Khan.

Because of that, Moxley threatened to change Omega permanently, claiming that the carnage was on Khan's hands.

Kenny Omega vs Jon Moxley

The two men started off with closed fists, looking to take one another out with some haymaker like punches. Moxley caught Omega coming off the ropes with the sidewalk slam. He then went under the ring for some toys.

A trash can was tossed inside, and Moxley brought the lid with him. Omega tried to use the can but the lid bounced off his head. Before Moxley could hit the Paradigm Shift, Omega drove Moxley to the outside, then dumped him over the barricade.

Leaping over the barricade, Omega sent Moxley careening across the concrete with a shotgun dropkick. A steel chair battered the former IWGP US Champion. Omega took Moxley for a tour around the arena, pelting him with whatever he could find. As he dumped him back into the ringside area, Moxley recovered and shoved him onto the concrete as he looked for a moonsault off the barricade.

By the ring, Moxley dropped Omega with a snap suplex. As Omega was rolled inside, Moxley finally brought out his barbed wire baseball bat. Omega's flesh was torn with every hit to the sternum and back. Omega tried to fight back, but his arm was caught by the bat again. However, he finally put a stop to it with a trash can shot to the head.

Moxley was spiked on the trash can with a piledriver, and Omega moved outside for his barbed wire broom. A table was also placed on the barricade. As he turned to the ring, Moxley bounced the busted trash can over his head. However, a suicide dive was stopped when Omega smacked him across the dome with the broom.


Omega swept Moxley's back, with skin peeling with every motion. Moxley was now covered in blood streaming from his head and back. Moxley's own bat was driven into his forehead, opening him up even more. A drop toe hold sent Moxley into the barbed wire. The Kotaro Crusher did the same. Moxley kicked out at two.

WIth another trash can, Moxley leaped off the ropes for a moonsault, crashing onto Moxley for another near fall. Omega brought in a board covered in old school mouse traps. Moxley tried to stop his plan, leading to a trade of heavy strikes between the two.

Moxley won out with a discus lariat and dumped the Cleaner onto the traps with an X-plex. Omega nearly rolled over every trap trying to get out. Moxley then brought in a gold chain, slamming Omega on it and tearing away at his mouth with it.

Omega was able to break away from that and a rear-naked choke with the trash can lid but was planted with a uranage slam. Moxley again moved to the outside, bringing in an ice pick. Omega avoided a stab but was slammed on the chain with a backdrop.

Omega avoided another huge move and spiked Moxley with two snap dragon suplexes. Moxley escaped the third, biting Omega's nose. However, he was caught by a third, and Omega wrapped the chain around his neck. Moxley was sent over the ropes as Omega hung him. Omega's grip was weakened thanks to the fresh blood on his hands, allowing Moxley to escape after some time.

However, Moxley made it to his feet right in front of the table Omega'd set up earlier. A tope from Omega sent both men crashing into it. Omega brought Moxley inside the ring, as well as a black bag. He revealed a piece of broken glass, the same glass from the table that Moxley drove him through weeks back.

Omega tore into Moxley's hand with glass, then poured the rest out in the middle of the ring. A sitout spinebuster drove Moxley's back into the glass. He kicked out at two as the ref bounced his hand off the glass.

Moxley was dragged through the glass before Omega locked him in the Sharpshooter. Moxley was forced to crawl through broken glass to reach the ropes. As Moxley tried to recover in the ropes, Omega dumped glass into Moxley's mouth. A V-Trigger was avoided and Moxley spiked him onto the glass with a German suplex.

Omega responded with two V-Triggers, spitting the glass across the ramp nearby. As Moxley pulled himself up the ramp to get away, Omega yanked the ice pick out the turnbuckle. Omega dragged the pick across Moxley's forehead, digging into his skull.

Omega looked off to the side and demanded that someone "bring it." It was the Young Bucks and Adam Page, who, eventually, moved to the back to bring out a barbed wire contraption. Omega pecked at Moxley's head with the pick to keep him down.

Moxley was placed upon Omega's shoulders for the One-Winged Angel, but he broke free. A V-Trigger was blocked, and since Moxley couldn't properly hit the Paradigm Shift, a suplex from Moxley sent both men crashing into the barbed wire below. They sank in deep but were pulled out by the Bucks, Page, and several referees and backstage hands.

Omega drove Moxley through a lighting fixture with the V-Trigger. Omega bashed his head across the structure but recovered. Moxley stumbled away, being chased by the Best Bout Machine back to the ring. Moxley caught Omega with the Paradigm Shift, but he somehow kicked out.

Moxley tore the ring apart, hoping to drive him head first on the bare pine with a piledriver. Omega fought out and sent him over with a back body drop. A V-Trigger connected, but the One Winged Angel was blocked again, as was Moxley's Paradigm Shift. Omega countered with a Paradigm Shift of his own, only getting a near fall.

Omega missed a phoenix splash, landing face first on the wooden planks. Moxley attempted a pin, but could not put away the Cleaner. Moxley pulled him up for the Paradigm Shift, finally spiking Omega for the 1-2-3.

Results: Jon Moxley defeated Kenny Omega via pinfall.

Published 10 Nov 2019, 10:37 IST
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